God said:

Hold your thoughts high, for dreams do come true. And, if they do not, you have held the joy of your dream. Dream to your heart's content, for your dreams lead you to a higher path.

The nature of man is to dream. Without dreams, what is a man?

If you have forgotten your dreams, remember them now. Conjure new ones. There is no dream that cannot come true, but it is not that dreams must come true. It is that you must have dreams. Without dreams, you are barren.

Dreams are what you seek. They let you know what you are looking for, and they draw to you that which you dream of. Your heroic dreams draw heroism to you. The universe expands according to your dreams.

Dreams come from the heart, and then dreams fill your head.

Man is meant to be a dreamer. He is meant to set great events before him.

Dream a dream never dreamed before. Dream vast.

I had a dream and from the dream of My thought came you. Give birth to dreams so magnificent that the world is heightened by your dreaming.

If your dream is not fulfilled for you, it will be fulfilled for someone.

Make your dreams big enough to favor the universe. Shower your dreams. The universe needs them.

Dream what the stars whisper to you. Dream that the light of the moon weaves you into the universe. Dream that you are the sun's rays that warm and brighten the earth. Dream of what can be. What already is was someone's dream once upon a time.

Make a new dream today.

A dream goes further than a wish.

A dream lasts longer and gets filled out. A dream is not idle. It is never wasted. Let no one blow out the candle of your dream.

A dream goes further than hope. Hope is almost a dream. A dream is hope played out.

A dream reveals how you value yourself and My creation.

You have often wondered what you are to do with yourself on earth, and now I tell you that you are to dream wondrous dreams.

Your dreams are an exploration of the universe. The universe asks you to explore it. What has not yet been discovered longs for you to find it. Find it in your dreams. The reality of life in the world will catch up to your dreams.

I desire that you dream, and I inspire your dreams. I breathe life into your dreams.

The bigger your dream, the closer to Reality it is. There are dreams that stay on land, and there are dreams that traverse the seas. Let your dreams voyage across the High Seas into the heart of the universe. Sail your dreams to the furthest star, and your dream will cross the sky like a comet.

A technician deals with what is already obvious. A dreamer captures the Will of God. He dreams My dreams and pictures them on earth. He draws My dreams with a stick on the beach of his heart. Dreams are expanded heart and expanded thinking, and you are one who deserves to dream.

Begin to know the worthiness of dreams. Dreams are respectable. Pull the moon to you and write your dreams on it. The moon reflects the light of the sun. May your dreams reflect Mine.

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Here are some dreams...

Let's see what dreams are in my heart. And if these dreams don't manifest for me...maybe they will for someone else. These are the dreams....that appear in my heart:

that everyone knows and experiences happiness. that the Center: "Devotion" materialize. that plenty of money materializes...to travel with...to play with...to give away with. that suffering dissappears for all of us. that the "kingdom" is realized for all. that each moment is an opportunity and invitation to "dream" anew. that each moment is a blank slate...unblemished by a single hurt or discord from the past...that each moment be a soft stepping stone...that my heart continue to bloom....love petal chasing love petal....that all of my thoughts are about You dear Lord...that whenever and wherever I look, I see you dear God. that no moment is wasted ever again. that I am always awake...that you are always awake. that I am always happy and that you are too. that I never forget who I am...and I am love and you are too. I love dreaming. How about you! Loving you, Jim and Jimi.

Hello, dear Jim and Jimi,

Hello, dear Jim and Jimi, you dream beautifully.
My dream is to loose myself. To be me and melt with the essence of a tree, then to become a cloud and shower on earth as rain, to sit at a fine clothed table and eat the most delicious meal and go to rest on the warm sun, to take a drink in the middle of the ocean then fly and, from above, looking at all beautiful souls on earth, living their lives with a new light in their eyes.


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