Move On Now, Beloveds, Move On

God said:

What is it that you think you are missing from your life today? What is it that you think you need? What obstacle do you feel you face?

Regardless of all that weighs on you, here's what to do: Imagine that you already have what you think is missing. Whatever it is that you think you need, consider that you have it. Whatever obstacles you see, consider that they are behind you.

Now move on as if all your concerns were already remedied. Yes, as if already remedied. Really, I ask you, what else makes sense? Surely to fear and aggravate is not sensible. When you meet an obstacle, it is sensible to step over it. Step over it in your mind.

When you have a difficulty engaging with a certain person, do not pick up where you left off. Start anew. Have you had the idea that everything has to be settled between you before you move on? There does not have to be a resolution before you continue in a better light.

I am not telling you to hoodwink yourself. Beloveds, I am saying not to let anything stop you from moving forward. I am saying that attention on what you see as difficulties holds you back. I am telling you to move forward.

I am not telling you to run roughshod over your feelings or anyone's. Acknowledge, and move on. You do not have to pick up all the pieces and put them back together again before you move on. Even when you have a sore toe, you can walk. Even in darkness, you can open your eyes. Even in ignorance, you can get up from where you are.

No matter what the circumstances, you can get up from them. You must get up from them, or they hold you back. You can be what you want to be regardless of anything surrounding you. When someone is rude or unkind, certainly you don't have to be. You don't have to let anyone or anything hold you back from the shining light that you are. Have you already forgotten the golden light I bequeathed to you? I took goldenness from My heart and placed it in yours. I intended you to be My shining example. I intended you to radiate My light for all to see. I didn't intend that you wait for better circumstances.

If you are ill and confined to bed and cannot move, in your mind, you can still get up from your sickbed. You must, or you hammer yourself in place. Even if you are ill, you do not have to see yourself as incapacitated. I'm sure you understand what I mean. Even the lame shall walk.

When you read between the lines of what I'm saying, you understand I am saying that you are not bound to the concepts of the world nor to any diagnosis. While you are alive on Earth, you are not limited to your body. You always were greater than any body.

When you read between the lines of what I'm saying, you understand this is yet another way I tell you to get out of the past. You had a skirmish yesterday? That was yesterday. Why carry over hard feelings or any kind of disturbance? The last I knew, today is another day on Earth. It is not meant to be yesterday. Yesterday is over. Today has begun. Today is your opportunity to start off fresh, and so I ask you to use today for all you are worth.

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move on

Dear God, how do you do it? I had sat down at the computer to write to God for help when I read todays heaven letter , and no longer needed to write vmy letter.It really is true you answer our requests before we ask. I had been having a few bad days keeping my mind in the right place in dealing with the cancer ,and then came today's heavenletter. MOVE ON ,IMAGINE THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE THAT WHICH YOU FEEL YOU LACK , THAT THE PROBLEM IS ALREADY REMEDIED. This is what Bernie has been teaching for years, visualise health. Thankyou for putting me back on the right path.
Much love Nancy

Comment on Move On Beloveds, move on:

Sweet writer:
I was thinking:
"The Wall that blocked my Path really seemed much too tall. And boy! was that wall solid! "No getting past such an obstacle": I thought.

Then i heard the "click" of the light switch and blooy, the light flooded my consciousness and it seemed so ordinary that I take that path to the right or left and walk around the high wall.

Even as I was humming about the good life, some friends, or those I thought were good friends, said that it made better sense to stop and hit my head a few times on the high wall. The harder the better!

Other said: "Just go back where you were comfortable and the wall will disappear, after a while." I chose to go around the Wall. Well.... He enfolded me in a "walk around the wall" blanket of consciousness, and wouldn't you know? Here I AM in the NOW, enjoying my peace pipe with the past and no matter how hard I look I can''t find that wall any more. Wee!

George the almost

I must have clicked the wrong button and here's the darn wall


Dear George, Such wonderful

Dear George,
Such wonderful imagery, I have had the experience of the light clicking on too, but then I seemed to lose it again, I am waiting for that click again. I need to CHOOSE the walk around the wall blanket of consciousness too.
Thankyou much love Nancy

DEAR George, a response to Nancy

Nancy Honey:

Even as you wrote me about the "click" I seemed to hear the "CLICKING" going on in your spirit. Your words blessed and lifted me. Thanks

George the everyman

the light

Dear George,
THANKYOU 100 watts FULL ON !
much love Nancy

Moving on to loving God

Yes, so many things appear so big and important and scary too. But when we keep moving and just step over them...things settle a bit and then we can keep loving God more and more and more. I love god this big: I am stretching my arms out wide. My only, bestest, most favorite job is to love God and with this the paths throughout my days reveal themselves just a moment at a time cause increasingly, it is very hard to deal with more than a moment at a time. I love God cause He helps me so much and you too. That's what I think. What do you think? Loving you, Jimi. ps: I planted a garden a month ago and it is quite big and green now with babby veggies on the vine too.. you can have some..

Moving on to loving God was beautiful Jim

Wish we were close enough to get some of your veggies.
Wish we were close enough to get more of your wisdom.
Wish we were close enough to get to know you. My son has a big garden but he lives in Pa. much too far away.
Pushing 84 I buy or beg mine. Knowing Gloria and the Heaven Team is a big exclamation point in my consciousness.
Keep writing, I love it for its beauty and clarity. Thanks

George the moved

Hi George...

I live in Sedona, Az. Is that close to you? And maybe you could have your own garden. On age...more and more...I just don't think about it...and Iam 61 and I have friends way older and way younger. Older age does have some advantages if we notice and accept them: The body moves slower and our awareness slows too...also expectations and anticipations may diminish as well...With all this slowing and subtracting...the busyness in the mind may fade as that awarenesss or consciousness can more easily fall into the Heart. And the Heart is where love lives....and now a days...that's where I only want to be. I do notice as I love God more and more...that life reveals itself gently, wondrously...and surprisingly. Life is truly a miracle when we open our heart...and view it from and with Love. Blessings, Jim

In the vastness of time and

In the vastness of time and space we're all young sprigs! In the moment, we expand into eternity.

I love how the atoms of the body re-arrange themselves as one's mind holds the thought of age. Isn't it wonderful when the gleam in one's eyes defies all boundaries of time and space!

Forgive me George and Jim, but I feel 84 and 61 is the prime of youth. If the body tells a different story, just let it know who's the boss.

Oceans of Love

Is Sedona close to me?

Sedona is close to every one alive in the real sense.
I live in Cohutta in northern Georgia near Chattanooga, Tenn. I am close to nothing.
Your letter to me filled me with good things and emptied me of bad stuff.
I follow Heaven Letters every day so I'll see you from time to time. Thanks for taking the time
to answer me. Love
Older than dirt George

Dirt must by older than you!

Dirt just must be older than you. I think God made dirt or earth so that we could have something to walk upon. But, guess what? In Sedona, which is probably far from you, there is no dirt or very little...2" maybe and below rock. So if you want a garden, you have to pick axe through the rock and then fill the hole with dirt...or have a raised bed. I have a raised bed garden. But again speaking of age, I think it does not matter. I have seen happy people of all ages. Happiness is the most beautiful thing in the world...cause it brings with it love and laughter. I am the most happy I have ever ever been in my whole life. I think I know why...cause I just keep loving God no matter what I think or what I feel or what I experience....and then...a beautiful baseline of love is created within my heart that I then get to share with you George. You are a loving, wondrous child of God...regardless of age or experience or even IQ. Ha Ha...Blessing and loving you and whomever else reads this. Jim.
ps: right now it is raining cats and dogs and scorpions.. Yikes!!

Dirt's not quite as old as me

Jim the one who is enveloped in the fragrance of eternal love and giving:
I just happened to invent dirt and keep making it as I eat, no matter what I eat, it just becomes dirt.
I don't mind at all, that things turn into dirt. If fact after a good bit I will become dirt.
The beauty of dirt is that all things grow from it in a way that makes dirt the chief of the shape shifters.
Clouds don't hold a candle to dirt but given enough moisture they make it productive. They were doing that while you were writing the love note to me, at least, that's what I got from your delightful words: "now it is raining cats and dogs and scorpions.. Yikes!!"
How on earth did that phrase get started? What can we draw from it. My wife who just passed was bitten by scorpions six or seven times over the twenty-one years we lived in California. Not once did I get bitten. I don't think it's karma. In our 64 years together we spent 21 in California, 21 in New Jersey, 21 in N.C. and the rest in Colorado and Georgia. WW II gave me a world wide tour of the world. I was hopelessly infected by LOVE and like you, I am destined for bliss and joy all the time. Your letter to me gave me lots of joy, bliss and some stuff I'm still processing. Thanks for your joy thoughts

The Beauty of Dirt and the Love of God.

Yes...gosh, dirt is so beautiful...and I like mud a lot too! And it is raining again as we speak. Isn't that great. That means that I don''t have to water my garden again...God takes care of it automatically. He-She takes care of practically everything...even if we seem to interfere or even insist that we see from our eyes instead of His or Her eyes.

I love to write...and the funnest part is waiting word by word to see what will be written.

I lived in California too: (in order) Compton, Van Nuys, Reseda, Northridge, Lemoore, Fresno, Pleasant Hill, and then Clayton, and now Sedona, Az. Except for Sedona, all of the other cities are in California. I love California, but I love everywhere too. But I love God even more than I love everywhere...but then again, maybe it's the same thing! My wife Marie just gave me a quote from Pablo Picasso: "It takes a long time to become young." Isn't that sweet. Maybe that quote is for you George. At the same time, regardless of our age, we do not have to become young. Being young just means you're close to God...that is all...and indeed more than enough!!!!!!!! ps...I love everyone along with everywhere...and my most favorite to love is God. Blessings and love to you George and everyone else who reads and or feels this. Jim.

dirt's not quite as old as me

Your words touch my heart.
Yes, it took 83+ years to make me young!
Being young in God makes me happy.
You bring beauty to life. Thanks

I am so honored...

George...I am so honored and touched...that you are touched. Jim.

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said start anew
And move on now Beloveds
Get out of the past

God said I ask you
Be My shining example
For all you are worth

God said regardless
Step over it in your mind
Step over the fear

Love, Light and Aloha!

Your Haikus are noticed and delightful

Sweet Alohhalight the fourth, or IIII or whatever:
It's almost impossible to respond to intellectual inversion.
It tickles a place that just about out of our cognitive sight, so What's to say?
"LOVED IT" but that hardly comments on bottomless depth of what you say.
Thanks I love it but am spellbound.

Hello George,I am

Hello George,

I am spellbound too! In every single Heavenletter there's
always an "abracadabra" awakening to consciousness
that makes me blink. But when I see your magical posts
I have to smile and wink! We're all so blessed to meet
here in Heaven's Community as we practice word play with
with our keystroke wands. ThankGod/Gloria for Heavenletters
from which the haikus are made. And Thank You George
for sharing your mojo!

Love, Light and Aloha!

Alohalight and other sparkles of delight


How nice to know you by the name of your form.
To me you constitute one of God's giant sparklers that's just for me;
or so it seems on this mysterious 4th of something..
Some of God's gorgeous seekers are only Believers;
Some come across as KNOWERS.
You fit that divine category, and your words speak highly of your category.
You really bless me sweet one, even pushing 84 my heart skips a beat
and my breath gives away the secret of the SECRET. You're
too sweet! Thanks
George, wrapped in the carmel of God's perfect love.

what else makes sense?

Regardless of all that weighs on you, here's what to do: Imagine that you already have what you think is missing. Whatever it is that you think you need, consider that you have it. Whatever obstacles you see, consider that they are behind you.
Now move on as if all your concerns were already remedied. Yes, as if already remedied. Really, I ask you, what else makes sense?


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