Christ Never Asked Permission to Be a Great Light on Earth

God said:

You need ask permission of no man.

Consult with Me. That is what Christ did do.

Can you imagine My son Christ asking other people what he should do? Can you imagine his asking others whether he should go here or there, or do this or that? Can you imagine his asking a single soul whether it was the right thing to do to speak out the Truth he heard from Me? Can you conceive that he would ask even himself, "What is most propitious here?" or, "What is the smart thing to do?" or, "What will others think of me?"

He did not ask himself, "What do I think of this? What do I want to happen here?" His question, if it can be called a question for it was more like an invitation, was: "What do You want, my Father?"

But, most times, he heard My love and wisdom before the need to ask arose. His heart was so close next to Mine that he heard Me before I even spoke.

Christ was in tandem with Me. His ear was to My heart.

When you feel a need to talk something over with someone, talk it over with Me. Whom do you want to guide your life? Who is your guide?

Accept that there is no quandary.

Learn nobility from Me.

You are not one who begs for advice. Nor are you a parceler out of it.

Do not even say to yourself, "I do not know what to do."

Running on the surface of life may be eventful but it may well make you a dodger of truth.

Yet you feel a need to know how to maneuver around in the tangles of the world. You want to stay out of trouble. You look for safety, and so you set up other experimenters above yourself. Look not for safety. Look for Truth. Make Truth your counter.

Of course, you do not ask Me to teach you how to drive a car. You do not ask Me if I want you to drive a car. You do not ask Me which car. You do not ask Me which dress to wear or purse to carry. You do not ask Me myriad details about your pursuit of life.

Look to Me for the things that matter. Look to Me to steer you through the shoals of life. Look to Me for a greater spread and depth of vision. Look to Me to plant light in your heart.

Ask that you hear and follow My heart. Ask that you be relieved of attachment. Ask that selfishness and ego be erased. Ask that you will know the path to take when it comes.

Ask that your heart be based in Mine.

Ask not so many questions. Ask one. Ask that you serve Me.

Ask not for reward. Ask that you may follow Me. Ask that you may serve Me. Offer your services. Offer your heart to Me.

Ask that you see with My eyes.

Ask that you go beyond your individuality.

Ask that you do not interfere.

Ask that you know when you hear My voice.

Ask that you heed it.

Trust Me to lead you.

Put your hand in Mine, and let's go.

Be still with Me.

Take ease. Abolish pressure.

In this moment, you are Mine.

You are only Mine.

You are no other's.

Feel My gentle pulling of you to Heaven.

I attract you to Me.

I am irresistible.

I am the Moon that pulls the tide of your heart.

Come to Me.

Feel My presence. I am with you. Know that. Accept that.

You can only come with Me.

There is only one path. It is the path to Me.

Come along. Come along now. Join with Me in a mutual enterprise. We call it life.

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No Permission required

This is such a powerfully beautiful Heaven Letter. Jim


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