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You're a snowflake

If water is really love, then you are a snowflake! I.E. your body, gender, age, culture, language, personality, your aura,etc....your form, if you will is a unique, one. of a kind snowflake. (I wonder if Dr. Emoto knows this?) So...for the sake of this metaphor...since water is love...and all snowflakes are made of are love! Your essence...your true identity is love...and your form...your the unique shape of the snowflake! It is so, so easy to be deceived by easy...but your essence is truly is. A snowflake could be very scarey looking: assymmetrical, menacing...but still made of water...made of love. Loving and blessing you, Jimi.

Sweetest Jimi, indeed our

Sweetest Jimi,

indeed our essence is LOVE - you are such a wonderful divine dispenser of love !!

So, in this pic you can se the crystalliation for the word THANK YOU !!

Much love !

Love Berit