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Have a beautiful day...

Truly...have a beautiful day. And may your days equate into a beautiful life! is the wonderful news, you do not have to be perfect....or even free from making so called have a beautiful day...and a beautiful life. You are a gentle, precious, loving child of God. And if for any reason you think otherwise, you have just momentarily forgotten...that is all. And if any thought comes into your mind saying you are less than a gentle, precious, loving child of not fall for it! It is a trick of the fictional ego. Fall in love, instead...fall into your heart...and drink deeply of the love that you are!

Honoring and loving you...Jimi.

The illusion that we have to

The illusion that we have to be perfect and that so called "mistakes" make us a lesser Being is always there waiting for us to fall into that trap again. I feel it is really a most important aspect of our lives.
Can you feel the immense relieve just knowing that "Everything is ok the way it is ? Nothing about us that has to be fixed or made any better !" We are perfectly fine the way we are. Can we not laugh gently at our so called "mistakes" and "misunderstandings" and whatever caos we might create in one moment or other ? It's really much better to fall desperately, passionetly, softly and tenderly and whole heartedly in love with the LOVE WE ARE AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN AND FOREVER SHALL BE !!

Loving YOU and all children of God
Berit true and so true and so beautifully put...No more judgement of ourselves or others...Only love remains...blessed love! Jimi