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A Prayer just for you...

My prayer for you is that you are happy and healthy and in love. Gosh! That sounds like such a huge prayer! Yes it is! And of course...prayers from one being to another are are not obligated in the slightest to receive. That is up to you! That is the nature of us sovereign beings. So...this prayer...again...that you are happy and healthy and in in front of you is like a the center of a table you are seated at. Do you feel its presence? And just in front of you is your plate...and some cutlery...and a napkin...and plenty of spring water in fancy goblets to wash it down with. Now take your time with have an eternity! But my feeling is...why wait? By the way...I'm your waiter...God's waiter..You can call me Jimi...That's my job...To invite you in..out of the cold and into your heart...down into your heart...out of your mind...from the calculating coldness of your mind...into the light and warmth of your heart. That's where we are your heart. Feel the difference? And look at the bounty in front of your beloveds!: Love. Take a nibble if you like...hmmm.
Loving you always, Jimi

Sweetest Jimi, you are the

Sweetest Jimi,

you are the most wonderful, sweetest and amazing DIVINE WAITER I can imagine !!!!! How I love this invitation and being right in the warmth of our heart together with you. I love your loving heart and your gentleness. I am ever so happy to feel a wonderful oneness in God's Light and I want forevermore to stay in the our hearts, in the heart of God.

Loving YOU always