Your Will, God's Will

God said:

What do you think the meaning of "Not my will but Thy Will" is? Your will is fallacy. Your will is a forager. It hunts for purpose. My Will is Purpose. My Will is the fullness of the ocean, and your will, when separate, is a tiny splash every now and then.

Your will gropes and clutches and so you attach yourself to littleness. You want too little. Want more. Want enough.

You stop by the wayside, and you think you have arrived.

The wayside is a stop.

It is not your destination.

You are like the fish who bites at a lure. The fish catches himself on a hook. That is your dashing here and there. You are a fish who jumps from one bait to another.

You bite heartache, disappointment, and dismay. You swim in God's ocean, and all the while you let aimlessness catch you. You hunt for the ocean that you already swim in. It is all there, the power of the ocean, and yet you opt for your own folly.

Your individual will is folly.

You have sat in a corner like little Jack Horner eating a Christmas pie and pulling out a cherry and saying, "What a good boy am I!"

You have chosen nearsightedness and held it up for all to see.

Choose a bigger vision. See further. See wider. See deeper. Aim higher.

Tinsel and glimmers of light have caught your attention, and you have ignored or dismissed the Great Light that is not a distraction but which is the Ultimate Light that shines forth. You have been offered the choice of a dime or a nickel, and you have chosen the nickel because it looked bigger and you did not know value. Actually, you have chosen a nickel instead of uncountable riches.

You have chosen what fades because you thought the Permanent Immutable was illusive. Bright light dazzled your eyes, and so you thought it was not for you.

You swim in a dry creek and you see a puddle every once in a while, and consider yourself in the right place.

Can you admit that you, as a Divine Being, have perhaps accepted too little?

I suggest that your reach far exceed your grasp else you favor the puddle over the ocean. Your grasp is far greater than the extent of your arm. Is the length of your arm your will?

Extend your heart, for that is your divining rod.

Extend My heart, for then you accept Heaven.

Look within, for your treasure is here.

Be less involved and more attuned.

Spend less, and be more.

The world's franticness is not your heritage.

Do not inherit it.

Go higher.

You can do it.

You are it.

You do not have to be caught by the hurts and disappointments of the world. Rise above the arena of the fighting match. Let your heart ascend above the fray. Look into My eyes and not the bowels of the earth.

Let My eyes catch you.

You will be catching yourself.

You are the treasure that you seek everywhere else.

You are My treasure.

Accept that truth.

Until you accept it, you accept less.

You are My peace-giver.

You have nothing to pretend. You have been pretending. Now see truth.

You have asked too little of yourself. You have let yourself be bound by the exigencies of the world. Leave your bounded place and enter the Universe.

It is not that you avoid the pain of earth. It is that you rise to Truth.

In the name of realism, you have been avoiding Truth.

Now you avoid no longer. Now you avoid the Truth of Yourself no longer.

You are the light I have fashioned, and I have fashioned you to shine. That is what you have been avoiding.

You have wings.

You thought you had only toes.

Accept your wings.

They long to burst forth.

What if you are My Heavenly creature?

What if you are My divinity?

What if you are even a particle of it?

Give yourself that tiny bit of recognition, and then you will see it all, the magnificence of the Light that you are, and then you will shine My light and you will find your wings, and you will soar far beyond the concerns of life on earth. Get caught up with Me, and not the details. Get caught up with Me, and the details will take care of themselves. Get caught up with Me.

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"Let My eyes catch

"Let My eyes catch you.
You are My treasure.
What if you are My Heavenly creature?
What if you are My divinity?"

.... What if your are my reason for Being,