God's Chosen

God said:

What you thought was your individuality was copying others. What you thought was your individuality was trying something out. It was your attempt to make your mark in the world. You wanted to be noted. You wanted the world to say you existed. You wanted some attention.

Now you want Me to have the attention. And you give it to Me. You want Me to be seen. You want Me to be seen in all My glory. That is what you seek, and that was always what you sought, only you knew it not.

Your individuality was nothing but running away. Your individuality was to make a statement, and what statement was that? You wanted to be special, and you wanted to exist.

And so you followed the crowd in all the myriad ways the world travels, and you called yourself unique.

You kept saying, "Here I am! Here is my individuality!"

Now you are quiet, and you hear Me say, "Here I am."

And your heart is quelled.

It is My notoriety you seek, not your own.

For the truth is that you are far bigger than you gave yourself credit for.

I notice you. You are My Chosen.

It matters not that all are chosen. In fact, that is a relief to you. The fact is you are one of the chosen, and that is enough.

You are one of My children. I do not see your supposed individuality. I see your light.

You appear before Me.

I bless you.

You have My blessing.

What care you the world's?

The Emperor's New Clothes is a story of everyone's pretending.

You pretend no longer.

Now you acknowledge the folly of the world, and you acknowledge the greatness of Heaven.

Now look simply to the greatness of Heaven.

No longer is there effort.

Now there is acceptance.

Acceptance is a great letting out of the breath.

Individuality tries to make something small into big.

Individuality tries to make you, who is greater than the big, into something less.

And that is the folly of the world.

You chase the world's fortune and the world's notice of you. You try to fit into the world, and you call that individuality.

You already fit Heaven. You don't have to squeeze in or change your shape. You have only to enter. You have only to see the open door. You do not have to open it. It is open. You have only to enter. Walk in. Walk through. Be One with Me.

There are no stops with Me. There are no doors that suddenly slam. There is no disjointedness. There is no disappointment when you meet with Me. There is only appointment. And you, My children, are My appointed ones. You will keep your appointment with Me. You may even be early. If anything can be called early, you may be it. But never mind. Just come to Me now.

You are leaving the past behind, and that means you leave the future to itself as well.

All is now. And all is complete.

We are keeping Our appointment.

I have been waiting for you with great anticipation.

You have been waiting for Me, only you have been waiting for Me with faltering steps. And now you let go of fear thoughts, for they are nothing but the past, and now you step up to My threshold with your spine straight, your shoulders back, and your head up so that you can see Me watching you rise to meet Me. I see your light now, telling Me you are on your way and that you will be here soon. And so, I rise to meet you, My beloveds.