God's chosen

God's Chosen

God said:

What you thought was your individuality was copying others. What you thought was your individuality was trying something out. It was your attempt to make your mark in the world. You wanted to be noted. You wanted the world to say you existed. You wanted some attention.

Now you want Me to have the attention. And you give it to Me. You want Me to be seen. You want Me to be seen in all My glory. That is what you seek, and that was always what you sought, only you knew it not.

Open Up the Heavens

God said:

The world is not dark.

The world is light.

When you experience darkness, look higher.

You are not looking for a remedy. You are looking for Me.

Enlist My aid.

Ask Me to help you see the Light far above the world's light that seems to dim. It has not in truth dimmed. It has been eclipsed. And you have believed in an eclipse as truth, when it is only a temporary cover-up.

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