Your Name Is Love

God said:

If I am love, what can you be but love? And My love at that? You are the quality of it, the giver of it, and the receiver of it, for in the giving you receive, and in the receiving, you give, and it is one motion, this loving. Love doesn't do. It doesn't triumph or concede. It is itself, like Popeye the Sailorman.

We can say that love doesn't move at all. It fills. It is there, here. It follows, and it precedes, and love is breathed. Or We can say it is a stillness of vacuum filled with itself.

There is no protection from the surge of love. That is like saying protection from fresh air. Love is the modicum of you, and your life has been spent denying your very own truth. Love is not something made up. It is the real.

Love is not to be sought from others but rather delved into.

Love radiates. It emanates. It breathes back and forth, yet there is no back and forth. It encompasses.

When you acknowledge yourself love, then you can sink into this non-act of loveship and ride on the billows of yourself.

You can consider yourself a ship of love, and the ship of love that is you rides on waves of love in an ocean fathomed of love, and the Heavens above reflect themselves in the ocean, so it is not possible to know which side is up. There is no up, no down. Which is the reflector, and which is the reflected?

One is an image, and the other is the imager, but they blend into One.

As Heaven lights the world, so I light you.

Earth is the counterpart of Heaven, and you are the counterpoint of Me. You are My reflection on earth. You are My reflection.

It is interesting because reflection in your language means a picture-image, and it also means a thought. You reflect My thought. You are My thought, and you reflect it.

Yet you are half-afraid to look up at Heaven for fear that My light will blind you or shrivel you up or that you will have to discontinue your haven on earth in exchange for the Heaven of Heaven. The blind man is afraid to have sight. You have second thoughts. Have second sight instead.

The game you play is with yourself. It is with no other. All these mirror-images that come to you in your day are all yourself reflected. You think you see them, but they are only the glass you look into. And you frighten yourself, not even at what you see, but at what you might see. For you most often see what you might see rather than what there is to see.

Perhaps you have only a keyhole in your eyes through which you can see only the outline of a keyhole. Your habit of vision feels right to you. It is your standard, and you think standards are good.

Embrace new standards. Embrace Mine. They are boundless. My standards have no top. They reach Heaven. They are infinite. Therefore, My standards are no standards at all, because standards stop, and I do not stop.

I suggest you not stop either. Desire more. Desire higher. Break the bank. The sky's the limit? Not at all. There is no limit. Infinity has no limit.

So you, the limitless, have limited yourself. You have confined yourself to a keyhole when, all the while, you can open the nonexistent door and see all of yourself.

I invite you. What more could you ask for than My invitation? It has your name on it. And your name is love.

*** I am your God. Say, "You are my God."

For I am your personal God at your service. My name is service. I serve you. I am the Fulfiller of your desires. You cannot fill your desires of yourself. You can only shoulder someone away from theirs or get there first. But I can give everyone their fulfillment, and I long to. I long to fulfill you. I line My pockets with the silk of you.

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I am your God. . Say, "You

I am your God.
Say, "You are my God."
I am the Fulfiller of your desires.
I long to fulfill you.

Amazing ! Love You !