A Wave of Love

God said:

Receive My love beyond the bounds of yourself. The further you look, the more of My love you will see. Do not look too closely, for that keeps you bound. See beyond what presents itself to you. See all the way to the Presenter.

See beyond the stars and the galaxies. See beyond and within the Sun. See the universe before I made it. See its unmanifestness. See the energy of it, not the detail. See the vastness you come from and are made of.

Live in the universe more than in a house. Live beyond the walls. In truth, there are no walls. There is you, and there is I. No walls can separate Us. You think walls are there. There is nothing there.

Go to the center of the earth, for earth is not there either. The center of the earth is figurative for the heart of Heaven. Do you feel the pull of it?

All the boundaries you mistakenly believe in are there to remind you of the boundless utterless rolling over of an ocean of love. Love rolls over, and you spot it. You spot a tail of it. Only a tail end of it. But IT you cannot see. You can only know.

Snow falls from the sky. From where did it come? Was it there before it fell to earth? What was its existence? Who sprinkled it? Who saw it? Who romps in it? Who receives its whiteness? Does it disappear, or has its form merely changed?

Love is like that. It just comes. Of course, it comes from somewhere, but the point is that love comes. I laugh at science trying to explain love, breaking it into secular parts. Why attempt to limit love and break it down? Bless it, and let it pass through. Wave it through. Kiss it on its way. It is enough to know love. Never mind the components. Raise your glass high to the totality of love. Long may it wave.

As open as the heart of the universe is, it also secludes itself. It is not shy or reserved really. It's just that it likes to be used and not so much attention called to it but to its use. It prefers to be background and envelop everything. Love knows it is the most useful practical utilitarian thing there is. It cannot be used up. With every use, more waves of it are created, and these waves of the nature of love overflow the universe, and the love sweeps you up too and carries you beyond the waves and back again.

That love exists is enough to know.

My children, love love itself. Love the existence of love and know you are it.

You are a tremendous wave of love.

Consider love as energy.

When you feel energyless, you have barred some love from coming in or going out. Coming in and going out are the same when it comes to love. Love flows. Look not so much to your body when you are tired as to your being of love.

Love is a breeze, and you can quietly fan it.

Honor it. Uphold it. Let it go before you. Let it usher you into the universe of itself.

You think you sleep in order to rest the body. You sleep in order to gain love. I refill you. You are refueled with love. Love has no by-product but itself. Love makes love. Nothing else can.

Acknowledge yourself as love this morning. Love is your name. Love gets out of bed, and love goes to work, and love spends the day, and love meets love, and love laughs, and love comes home and love goes to bed and is a wave of love the next morning, unfurling from your bed. Yes, you are a wave of love. You are My wave of love.