Raise Yourself

God said:

You think that when you have lost a thought, you have lost it. Thoughts are waves. They do their work and move on. You do not lose anything when you let go of your thoughts. Your thoughts are from the past. Or, if they are of what you think of as future, they are merely the same past zoomed ahead.

You think your mind has to decide everything. You think you have to have a course of action. You think that plans are your rudder, but they are your deterrent.

Dreaming is one thing. Planning another. Dreaming expands. Planning limits.

Before you take one step, your state of fear makes you want to know the conclusion. You want to know your accuracy beforehand. So you weigh. So you live in a weighing land where a scale rules. You have let yourself be caught in a vise that weighs one thing against another, this or that, left or right. You know that life is unpredictable, and yet you want to predict it. You stake your life on your predictions.

When you move a leg to walk, you do not have to order your leg to move each step. You see the refrigerator, and that is where you want to go. You go. And then you are there.

And so, when you want to venture into Heaven, you acknowledge that is where you want to go. You keep your heart on Heaven, and without preplanned steps, without delineation, you are lifted and you will be there.

Too much plotting goes on in the world.

That is not following your heart.

For example, it is not your heart that says you must have riches or that man or that woman or another prize as if life were a contest. It is your fear that says you must have something.

You think that your courses of action determine your life. You think in terms of shadows, in terms of if not. If not this choice, then you are in danger. You are in danger from your thoughts, that's all. Your fears tell you that you are alone and Fatherless so you must muster support from somewhere and take care of yourself against all odds. The odds you fly in front of are the outside forces that your fears have conjured.

Do not think that fears are from the heart. They are from the mind and surreptitiously placed in the heart so the heart can be the fall guy. The heart is not the seat of emotions. That is a subterfuge. Emotions are the mind's fears planted in crevices of the heart. Fears are not natural to your heart. I am natural to your heart.

Negativeness does not belong in your heart. Fears don't. Fears have no natural habitat. You think it is natural to have fears, but they are unnatural. You don't have to have them. You have to have them so long as you think they protect you, so long as you think there is something you have to be protected from. You think disaster looms.

Nothing looms. I AM, and you are, and Heaven reigns.

All your fears are bogeymen. Every one of them. You think they are intelligent, based on reality, but they are based on thoughts of fear. They are based on propaganda. They are based on stories that there is something out there waiting to get you.

But, ah, My children, there IS something out there waiting to get you. I AM. I am in wait for you, and I will get you. That you can plan on. How, you cannot. When, you can elicit. When is within your grasp, for when is now, and now is when you let go of control and fears and thoughts. They are old. Your willingness to enter Heaven is the same as your release of the past. When you release the past and its control mechanisms, you are in the present. In the present are We. Here is now. ***

You are your own child. You are raising yourself. You are raising yourself to Heaven. You are your own teacher. You are your own tutor. You are your own coach. And what you teach yourself is God. I am your curriculum. In truth, I am your Teacher, but you are My aid. And so you are appointed your own carer.

A carer is a responder. You respond to yourself. You are the one who cares for you and tends to your every thought. You are the nourisher of yourself. Aside from Me, you are the most intimate knower of yourself.

Do not wait for someone else to come. You do not wait for Me because I am already here; you cannot wait for Someone Who is beside you. But you have been idly waiting for someone or something to teach you love. But you are your own teacher. You teach yourself.

I teach you to look up. But you are the one who must look up. That is what I am saying to you.