The Serenity of God

God said:

Serenity is not something you have to seek. It is already yours.

What is more serene than the moon that reflects the Sun?

When you go to bed at night, the moon is in one place, and when you wake in the morning it is in another, and in its movement from one sweep of the world to the next, it is as serene as a swan. The moon knows where it is going. It knows its direction. It just falls into it.

Beneath your stirrings is My peace. You are one-directioned. You move to Me. That is what all your movement is for. Be still in your movement. Your movement is not really your progress. Your direction is.

The moon that knows what it is doing and where it is going pulls the tide of the ocean, and it pulls you. The stillness of the moon reaches you.

You, My children, are My many moons.

You are established in My stillness. My stillness pulls you to Me. We can call My stillness love, for it permeates all that is. It is most attractive. It attracts you. And My stillness within you attracts the stillness and love of others for Me.

Often you think that it is excitement you seek, but it is stillness you crave. Come Home to My stillness. It is most exciting, My stillness, and the quiet stirrings of it.

You look for power outside when all the while there is this bank of serenity established within you. Dip into it.

You can consider Me the constant Sun or the constant Moon, whichever you prefer. One is Myself, and one is My pure reflection. Smooth is My course, and smooth is yours with Me.

There is a tide in your heart that knows its seasons. My voice calls your heart to Me, and the tide of your heart surges, and calls back. We can say that your heart is My echo. We can say that your heart is My boomerang. We can say that your heart is My embodiment, My microphone, My answering machine, My pager. I call you, who is the caller of Me.

We have one call, and that is love, and that love is serene in its fullness.

Serenity is not away from life. All the racing on Earth is away from life. It races away, not towards. Life is at the center of you. Race to My heart by listening to it. Stay still a minute and listen.

Your journey is a return, dear ones. You need not dig a new path. The path is already made. You are retracing your footsteps. You are following your own footsteps. You are following your own heartbeats to the beginning of you.

All search for their beginnings. I tell you it is found. Pivot rather than run. Your beginnings rush to you. Stay still one moment so that you can be found.

Glide. You stumble when you rush. When you rush, you do not know where you are going. But now you know where you are going so you can take your peace and get there.

You have a choice to come with Me or try to run away from Me. It is inevitable that you will come with Me. Be not coy. Do not ask Me to come after you when you can come to Me right now. Come meet Me. Do not toy with Me. I am solidly yours. Be Mine. Stop running, and say Yes to Me, the Giver of Yes. Ask your own heart and hear its answer, and follow it. I am your Beloved calling to you, and you are My beloved calling to Me. What can separate Us but illusion?