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Your Long Association with Beloved God and Heavenletters

Hi Gloria,

Please tell me, how these heavenletters have helped you personally change your perspectives? Have they helped you reduce your desires ?

Let us consider a situation where someone spoke rude or insulting words to you. What was your reaction to such incidents15 years back? And, what will be your reaction, now?

If nobody read your heavenletters or wrote any comment, would you be sad and frustrated?


Beloved Chetan, you ask the

Beloved Chetan, you ask the best questions!

I'll get back to answer you fully as soon as I can. Hang on!

Love, Gloria



What beautiful flowers! For

What beautiful flowers! For me?!!

Now I'll go back to your original post there and question and answer as best I can, dear friend.

Love, Gloria

Let's go to your last

Let's go to your last question first. If no one read Heavenletters or commented on them, I would be very sad. I would feel lost. At the same time, I am aware that what happens with Heavenletters is not my concern. It's is my Father's business, not mine, and God can take care of Himself very well! :) He doesn't need me to run interference for him or to feel anything at all but the devotion to Him that somehow came to me.

When someone subscribes to Heavenletters, I am elated. I mean to say God bless you silently to each person who adds his or her name to the mailing list. When someone unsubscribes -- and it does happen -- and that again is none of my business, I am not happy about it. Sometimes I have to force myself to silently bless the person. Obviously, I still have judgment.

I have often wondered: "When are Heavenletters going to catch on big?" I ask the questions, "Why does one thing catch on, and another doesn't? When will Heavenletters?"

I know it's not my place to ask why or when. God is doing His work, and He knows what He is doing. And when He wants Heavenletters to go big, they will go big. Meanwhile, I am so grateful to do what seems to be mine to do.

Chetan, I don't know what I would do with Heavenletters or without Godwriting. I can't even imagine any more what it must be to get up in the morning and make breakfast or whatever and look for things to fill my day. What would I do? Now I have blessing after blessing with the gifts of Heavenletters and the people I am privileged to know. I can't get over it!

Now to your second question: If people are rude or insulting, how am I different now?

Now and as then, it's too easy for me to get my feelings hurt. I do all the time. God tells us again and again that the outside isn't to matter to us that much.

The big difference is in duration and degree. I can be laid low, but now I get over it much more quickly. I even really forget about it. Like everybody else, I feel I'm right and the person shouldn't be so rude or unkind. God seems to tell us that it doesn't matter how right we are. What matters is that we let go. I am much better at letting go of all the ego stuff which offense and hurt feelings seem to be made of, but I'm not done yet.

My life is entirely different. Just about a complete turn-around.

And your first question seems to be about desires. I know I've read about evolving until we become desire free. I kind of understand that point of view because what do we really desire that we don't have? If we have God and awareness of God, what else is there?

I certainly desire more and more closeness to God. I desire peace for myself and all. I desire to know when to speak and when to keep my mouth closed etc. etc. etc.

And I desire more of your comments and questions, dear Chetan!

Yes Gloria, Your

Yes Gloria,

Your collection of Heavenletters is a bouquet of ever blooming flowers, each of them being a unique one.

Your reply is, as usual, profound and conveys practical spirituality.

Please pray to God to remove all plight from our world and to feed every hungry soul irrespective of whatever worst sin he has performed.

Ah, Chetan, what an

Ah, Chetan, what an appreciator you are.

You might be surprised if you read what God says about prayer and sin. Probably not at all what you expect!

You know how to do a search on the site, yes? I wonder what your feedback will be.

There is something your dear comment triggers in me, beloved Chetan, when you, from your kind loving heart for all, ask me to pray to God to remove plight from the world and to feed every hungry soul no matter what he has done.

Of course, it is my earnest desire that the world be all that you desire and what God Himself desires. My heart is naturally in that place of wanting good for all, as are most of our hearts.

Chetan, I do not know that I know how to pray. I think it would be arrogant of me to think I could intercede with God on others' behalf. Nor, as I remember, does God want us become like beggars or penitents in our relationship with Him.

Dearest, are you associating the hungry as receiving their due from past actions? If God asks us not to judge, why would He? Would He hold a grudge and never forget?

There are Heavenletters in which God tells us there will be blue skies from now on. From love, the consciousness of the world will rise, and there will be no hungry.

Thank you for all your attention on good for the world.

God bless you.

Loving you,


Are you

Dear Gloria, Your message

Dear Gloria,

Your message has deepened my curiosity even further. I might guess what God says about sin. He must be saying that we shouldn't be afraid of our sins as no sin is indestructible by all powerful God. But there is one thing which makes me wonder. Even after intense sufferings, people don't call upon God or higher angels for help. I don't know why. Is the impact of illusion so strong? May be....I don't know.

And there is that thing called as 'rising of consciousness'. I read lot of channeled messages these days regarding that. They are very interesting and very promising indeed. But God's words are final. Gloria dear, why do you make me search these things from the vast sea of heavenletters? Please tell me what God says about 1.sin and 2. rising of consciousness. I'm waiting!

Most beloved Chetan, I do

Most beloved Chetan,

I do not remember everything God has said in Heavenletters!

If your quest is for deepening of understanding, then why should you not take the initiative to do a Heavenletter search, dear friend? What is it worth to you? How much do you really want to know the answers to your question. Would I be a friend to just toss you answers as if they were peanuts I was tossing you?

Besides, what makes you think I wouldn't have to do a search in order to locate all that God says about this?

The best I can do without research is to give you crumbs that I remember.

Okay, and I will do that. I would love it if you would do a search and post what Heavenletters talk about sin and so forth. This would be a great service, dear one.

What I remember that God said about sin is that he doesn't see sin. He sees ignorance. Would a God Who tells us not to judge, go around judging? Would God give us free will and then make a mark against us if we don't make the preferred choice? I believe God says in many ways that our greatest "sin" is to doubt ourselves and how great we really are -- how great is what God made.

As for rising consciousness, enlightenment, self-realization, ascension, a better world etc. God says this is very real. I believe He says that our consciousness is rising every day, that His dreams for us are coming true.

Beloved Chetan, God's answers are not for information. They are not a pat answer. We read His words, and with or without understanding, something sticks in us, and little by little, we grow. I understand that the vibration and perhaps rhythm of His words do something good for us. He says to let them wash over us.

God also gives us responsibility to take. We are His instruments. We are the fulfillers of His dreams for us.
We aren't to sit around waiting for Him. Of course, at the same time, He is the Doer. And, of course, He exists within us all. God says a lot about Oneness as well.

God bless you for your questions, beloved Chetan. In your questions, you provide a blessing.

Love, Gloria

I made a search. God says

I made a search. God says following things about sins:

In action, reveal yourself. In being, reveal yourself. By your very presence, reveal yourself. Be a balm to the world. Let others think about you as they will. Let them think you are a saint or a sinner. It is for you to know you are neither. Sooner or later, others will come to this realization themselves.

You have to rise above what you call errors or even what you call sins in life. The concept of sin keeps you back. Surely, you know it is My desire that you rise. The belief in sin is a way to nail you to the wall. Staying where you once were is not growth.

How are you of most use to Me? As a bedraggled sinner or as a fresh soul?Absolve yourself from what you call sin right now. If the past never was, sin wasn't either.

Thank you! What does your

Thank you!

What does your heart feel, dear Chetan? What God says here is unusual, isn't it?

What are the names and numbers of the Heavenletters that these quotations you found come from? Do you have the links to these Heavenletters?

I wonder what are some of the words from Heavenletters that feel really good to you!

God bless you, Chetan.

Somewhat similar as what I

Somewhat similar as what I had guessed. Of course, if someone is judging our sins, it means there are some conditions. This is not possible is case of God because His love is unconditional.

Gloria, did it even happen that while you were receiving messages from God, God told you name of some person or a place which you were not familiar with before?

Dear Chetan, sin isn't even

Dear Chetan, sin isn't even real to God. It does not exist. He does not see sin. My understanding isn't that he loves us despite sin. This is a different concept from what we have known.

As to your second question, I think not. Sometimes there has been a word I'm not familiar with. My thinking is that I must have seen the word somewhere sometime.

God is practical and straightforward. No parlor games. No telling me something like to go knock at the door of a certain address at twelve noon. This isn't the sort of message I receive from God.

Someone, a friend actually, said he would believe in Heavenletters if I could give him his mother's maiden name. Even I'm not going to bother with something like that, let alone God! God is simple and teaching love.

Chetan, you stir my thinking. Please keep on!

BY the way Gloria, who is

BY the way Gloria, who is admin heavenletters? What is his/her role ? Does he/she edit the messages given by God?

Beloved Chetan, Heaven

Beloved Chetan, Heaven Admin's real name is Santhan. He is a young man who loved Heavenletters from the first moment he read one, and then offered his services to Heavenletters. He is creative director and technical angel. He made this website and the blog. Even though he has businesses of his own to run, he serves Heavenletters in every way. Chetan, I am sure that God sent him to help. Heaven Admin is one of the big changes in my life that Heavenletters brought.

At present I am in South Africa as his guest on the Indian Ocean.

Here are two links that will introduce you to Heaven Admin/Santhan, inside and out.:

Heaven Admin doesn't edit Heavenletters. About three weeks before publication, I do proof a Heavenletter a day. I fix typos. I may make small editing changes, for instance, where antecedents aren't clear, I make them clear.

God bless you for your questions, Chetan!


You are so fortunate Gloria! God sends help wherever needed even before we ask him.

Ok, few days back there was a hevenletter where beloved God said that we should keep our promises. He also said that we should not make any if we can't keep them!! Did you remember I told you send some links of the movie 'Mother India' where you can have the dialogues in English sub-titles. Here are some of them:

Select any whichever is easily accessible to you. Would you find time to watch a 3 hours long movie?

Ok, now I come to my next curiosity-cum-question.

We had many saints or saintly personalities on our earth during the historical period.They are here even today also. Did God ever speak about them, specifically saying their names? I want to know because God's words are always final ! You know how difficult it is to search this also! May be dear Santhan will help me.

Beloved Chetan, God helps us

Beloved Chetan, God helps us all before we even ask. We do not know what we have been spared from.

I will make time some evening to watch a movie you recommend, dear one. I love serious Indian movies.

My daughter just sent me a movie from India, a comedy actually, called Barfi, I think. Heaven Admin will watch it for sure.

I do not recall God in Heavenletters ever mentioning any saints. He has mentioned Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Allah, Moses. I'm going to check if he ever mentioned Krishna.

I'll get back to you if I find something like that.

Way way back I did get some messages from Mother Divine and one from an Archangel. I think it was Raphael.

Chetan. definitely, we can put our trust in God. He is always right, even when an event may not be what we wanted and may have grieved us tremendously. We may not know what God has spared us from.

Now, what I want to say is this: When God's words come through a human being, we have to check with our hearts. A chiropractor I value once muscle-tested Heavenletters. What he thought was that Heavenletters (or the ones he tested) were 98% accurate in meaning. That's high. God is always accurate. The human's nervous system that receives the messages could be off.

Best we always check with our own hearts. We personally can resonate where someone else may not. We have to go with our own hearts.

I am very happy you are here.

Okay, I did some searches. I found one Heavenletter with the word Krishna in it. It's a passing reference, not what you're really looking for.

The search was not working very well. I say that because quite a few Heavenletters came up when I put in Krishna. It is only in the one above that I actually found the name Krishna.

I looked up saints, and found only passing references. I mean by that: the text said something like "You don't have to be a saint." Again, not what I imagine you were looking for.

Blessings, Chetan.

I found one on Mother Teresa

I found one on Mother Teresa here-

I also found passing references on Gandhi,Radha, Krishna,India,Einstein, etc.but nothing for searches like Dalai Lama, Nostradamus, Dnyaneshwar, Gauranga, Darwin, Amritanandamayi, Gloria (!).....etc

Beloved Chetan, will you

Beloved Chetan, will you please tell us the quotations and the Heavenletters? I am in suspense!

There is a Heavenletter I recently posted on the blog that I think you would like to see. The blog itself, the question that was asked, and the comments Heavenreaders left are brilliant!

Will you leave your own comments as well?

Loving you, dear friend.


Amazing what you found, dear

Amazing what you found, dear Chetan! Thank you so much!!!

WOW! You're a dynamo,

WOW! You're a dynamo, Chetan!

Will you tell us more about your life in India and what it is like?

Sure, but not here, in

Sure, but not here, in e-mail.

Gloria, what do you think is the most glorious thing that happens in the life of a soul?

Beloved Chetan, will you

Beloved Chetan, will you kindly share your story on your profile? What cannot be public, dear one? You are too wonderful to keep to yourself or just to me.

You have asked so many fine questions of me right here, and you brought out a lot from me. It made me happy to think of what you have made me think of. I wanted to reciprocate a little bit.

As to your deep question this time, the first and only answer that comes to me is: GOD

God bless you, dear Chetan. mean- contact mean- contact with God......That is the best thing that ever happens to anyone having born in mortal body. Yes! I agree 100%.

To elaborate this point further:
Bhakti scriptures classify association with God into 3 categories:

1. 'Take' relationship : when the association with God is aimed at fulfilling our own interests, calles as sakam bhakti
2. 'Give" relationship: when the association with God is aimed at loving God for love's sake, called as nishkam bhakti
3. A combination of above 2

No. 2 is regarded as most superior.

As for my story, it has been ordinary so for, through hopes and despair, through clouds and sunshine, through thorns and roses. I think it will be worth sharing when I would be able to break all the shekels of illusion that are binding me to mundane world.More about that, later.

Chetan, how beautiufully you

Chetan, how beautiufully you write. Do you have the soul of a poet?

Ah, I see, you are going to tell us your life story in installments! You will keep us in suspense! We will always want to know more. Thankfully, you will tell us about the life and times of one Chetan who lives in India.

Bhakti -- yes! That is the way of the heart, isn't it?

Perhaps you would be so kind as to give us some of your general background. !

Do you have brothers and sisters? Older? Younger? Names?

Does your name have a special meaning?

Do you still live in the same town or city?

What work does your father do?

What was the first word that you spoke, do you know?

What is your first childhood memory?

When you were a little boy, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Thank you, dear one.

Looking forward!

Gloria, you are too much

Gloria, you are too much insisting, I can't understand why. Instead of reading the life stories of saintly persons and incarnations, you have expressed a wish to waste your precious time by reading ordinary things about me. Well, I have started to add few things about me in my profile in whatever style they appeared in my mind. Excuse me, I don't like to follow too many etiquettes. Also, excuse for my poor English, at places where I can't find proper expression :)

Yes, I will answer your questions shortly.(They are not very difficult !!)

By the way, don't you think God is humorous? I couldn't help smiling when I was reading today's heavenletter (Heavenletter #4338) in which God has addressed us as- My irritated darlings !! Funny !

Beloved Chetan, I loved what

Beloved Chetan, I loved what you wrote on your profile. I learn so much from you.

Let me tell you that your English is excellent. You said so much. I hope everyone will go to your profile. It would be wonderful if everyone would tell us more on their profile.

You brought up a great point when you spoke about not giving fully from your heart. I think I know what you are saying. The experience is common to me as well. In your heart, I learn myself.

Chetan, Heavenletters aren't mine! I could never think of the brilliance God reveals. In fact, God once called me something like "His donkey who pulls a cart to deliver His messages!" Every day I am amazed, and I have to pinch myself that Heavenletters are really happening, and I am a part of them. It is miracle.

So you are a doctor!

Chetan, it is wonderful to get to know you.