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The New Era

HI Gloria!

How are you at this moment?

Well, we have been reading/hearing that our planet is entering into the new dimensions. What does God have to say about this? I think this is a very significant event in the history of earth.

Beloved Chetan,I think in

Beloved Chetan,

I think in every Heavenletter, God is presenting to us what can be and will be.

Some Heavenletters™ literally describe a new world on Earth.

Do you feel it, Chetan?

By the way, you might like to go to this blog:

You might find this blog entry interesting -- and the comments! I have a feeling that you will have something to add to the comments!

Chetan, I just have to add

Chetan, I just have to add something from the Heavenletter I proofed this morning. It was originally written down on June 26. I don't know the number of it. It will be named Multi-level World Called Earth.

I'm going to quote some from it:

You are rising faster than you know. You are scaling the heights. You are Jack in the Beanstalk who climbs high and sees another world. Of course, in his case, Jack climbed into a less wonderful world while you are climbing to a much more favorable one. Actually, climbing is not the right word. You are not doing it. You simply are rising to greater heights. You ride on an invisible elevator, and now We talk about space and all its derivatives and how it influences your reality.

You cannot be stuck in space any more than you can truly be stuck in time. Time and space are not even two. They are one illusion seen from different angles, yet they are one inseparable illusion that the world lives by. This is how it is. It isn’t bad, you understand. It just is less.

Language is made of vibration, and what are vibrations but the sense known as sound. You are rising closer to soundless sound. What shall we call it, a refined vibration, even a violin string staying still, poised. on a hilltop, as it were.

You have a good non-time coming up in non-space. You are going to be more familiar with the violin string before it sounds. You are going to be on a deeper level than ever before. Such a deeper level is really on high in this apparent multi-level world called Earth.

Yea, I searched for it. This

Yea, I searched for it. This is heavenletter no. 3642.

This is a beautiful

This is a beautiful Heavenletter you found. Thank you.

Hi Gloria, Am I right that

Hi Gloria,

Am I right that saying that each and every Heavenletter is woven around the central theme of Love, divine love?

Gloria, Bhkati shastra states that when a soul has contact with God, this everlasting fountain of bliss, the love is expressed by virtue of eight physical signs. Let me quote that paragraph below:

"In remembrance of his Beloved, a Bhakta becomes motionless like a tree, perspires abundantly, the hair on his body stand erect, his voice chokes, his body trembles, the color of his skin changes, he sheds tears and becomes unconscious. These are the eight signs of Divine ecstasy."

Do you ever have any experience of any of these?

I would say that God is

I would say that God is Love. Every Heavenletter would be motivated by love. God says there is nothing else. Would He do less?

You know, beloved Chetan, how would someone powerfully in God's embrace know or care what hue his skin takes on etc. How irrelevant this all seems to me. Does the unprovable have to be proved or dissected?

I have experienced wonderful refreshing tears and I have experienced laughter! Who is to evaluate my experience from the outside? I can't imagine in a million years that God would judge someone's experience of Him and say the person didn't perspire, therefore, didn't have a true experience.

I have also heard that we can't judge someone's level of consciousness from the outside.

Since when are we to judge by appearances or judge at all?

I have never been unconscious in the physical sense. In another sense, it would be fair to say that I have been unconscious most of my life!

Dear Gloria, Yesterday I

Dear Gloria,

Yesterday I happened to read Heavensutra no. 30 where you say to the Divine Mother that you belong to 5th dimension. Is it so? But the souls belonging to 5th dimension have light bodies, they have no illness, they are always happy, no worries, no tensions, they won't grow old....all those things. Do you have all these characteristics?

Which dimension do I belong to?

Beloved Chetan, I have no

Beloved Chetan, I have no idea. I have no recollection of this whatsoever.

I have the impression that God focuses on our lives right now.

I do remember that someone once asked God a question like this: "What does it mean to be in the 13th dimension?"

God's answer was like this: "It means that more love is exchanged."