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Hi Gloria,

Are the Heaven Sutras published in the form of a book? I would like to purchase one.

Let me check with Heaven

Let me check with Heaven Admin, Chetan, and see what we can do. Hang on!

Beloved Chetan, does an

Beloved Chetan, does an ebook or Kindle book work for you?

Please tell us know, okay?

I don't know what a kindle

I don't know what a kindle book. E-book will also be ok. Thank you.

I"m sure Heaven Admin will

I"m sure Heaven Admin will set this up and ebook of the Sutras, dear one. I don't know how long it will take. Keep reminding us, dear one. And thank you for asking.

A Kindle book is an electronic book-holder. You can take the Kindle with you wherever you go. A Kindle book can hold 100 or more books on it. It's compact and easily portable. There are other kinds of books like Kindle. Kindle is from Amazon. Nook is the name that Barnes & Noble offers.

Of course, the Kindles and such aren't free.

Heaven Admin gave me one. Now that I am in South Africa, it is invaluable.

There are many many free books, Chetan. You can see on Gutenberg Library. I'll come back with the link in a moment.

Okay, it's called the Gutenberg Project.

Project Gutenberg offers over 40,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online. We carry high quality ebooks: All our ebooks were previously published by bona fide publishers. We digitized and diligently proofread them with the help of thousands of volunteers. No fee or registration is required,

Hi Gloria, Have you read

Hi Gloria,

Have you read others who have had conversations with God similar to you. Meanwhile, I get few heaven letters or sutras printed and read them regularly. Very valuable. I was thinking of picking out important and practical quotes from God's conversation from those and make a separate collection of them. Useful for me and for other readers as well. But I don't know .....How God would react to this. Ask Him! If He has no objection, I will start!

BTW, are you on a lecture tour to South Africa? Come to our India as well!

Beloved Chetan, you know,

Beloved Chetan, you know, dear one, we don't have to ask God everything!

Your idea of collecting beautiful quotations from Heavenletters and sutras that especially stir your heart can only be a great thing to do. First it is your love for God's words that sitrs you and secondly your desire to share with others. You are coming from love. This is service to God. Who would be happier than God for you to do this?

This is a wonderful idea. A book of one person's choice of God's words from Heavenletters and sutras that especially mean the most to him. It's simple and clearly heartfelt. Thank you.

Have you started?!!

There were years in my life when I read just about every spiritual book, new and old, that I could get my hands on. For a long time now, I don't want to read through others' filters and can't. My eyes just won't focus. There is nothing I can do about it. So. I stick with the words that I hear God whisper and don't try to sift through other writings. Anyway, how would I have time and why would I now?. Truth is Truth!

For all of us, we can only resonate with what we resonate with. None of us can read everything.

Did you read The Story of Heavenletters? You can find it on the right column. Star Gazed recently asked about it. What you write makes me think of something that is there in it.

I had a particular viable experience in which the message I understood was: "The seeker and the Sought are the same." I just had the impulse to say this to you.

Chetan, you make me think of so many wonderful things!

I am here in South Africa on a one-year sabbatical visa. to write books. I am here as a guest of Heaven Admin. There have been two Godwriting workshops here. You can read about them on the Godwriting blog.

Here are two direct links to a couple of workshops. There are many many more.

Some of the other workshops you can do a search on in the blog are Bucharest,Romania; Istanbul, Turkey; Turin, Italy; Athens, Greece; The Dead Sea, Israel; Fairfield, Iowa. And there is a lot more about the workshops here in Africa.

I long to go to Mother India. I was there for three months once in 1980,and wanted to stay forever. So much heart there.

Heaven Admin and I would love to give Godwriting workshops in India -- well, everywhere! It would help if expenses can be sponsored. Now that the idea is formed, let's see what happens. God works in wondrous and strange ways! "Unfathomable is the course of an action."

You are a motivator, dear Chetan!

With love and blessings,


Yes, the truth is right

Yes, the truth is right there in your heart ready to come forth any moment you ask so you don't need a Guru like me. My God doesn't talk to me like yours! But He does, sometimes, indirectly.

There are places in India full of spirituality. You must visit them!

Today I am gonna read the story of heavenletters.

Beloved Chetan, Ultimately

Beloved Chetan,

Ultimately God is everyone's guru, in every heart, and yet we may have our particular paths to Him, so enjoy the journey.

It is clear that you are in service to God.

Hello Gloria! I read your

Hello Gloria!

I read your story of heavenlettrs in detail. You have very few things to repent or nothing when the God will sit to evaluate your life at the time of your last breath...

Your child hood was spent in a bit of poverty and isolation. Right? Mine is totally the other way round! And, I am abit extrovert,too which is not good.

Do all of your present family members support your wonderful writings or are you ridiculed also? But as you said, Heavenletters is God's mission and couldn't be stopped from being published.

You wrote you had a tremendous yearning to know God and you used to pound your pillow for that. Later, you were shown a golden vision of Jesus. Did God say anything special about that vision later?Didn't you yearn thereafter to have the vision again?

Your story of shamen is a totally new concept for me. When God is capable of doing everything for us, I think no shamen or any other guidance is needed.

I have one more curiosity. What are your feelings about India? Because, you have addressed as ' Mother India' in your one of the posts. Upanishadas teach to view every feminine energy as a mother.Which places did you visit when you came here? Taj mahal?Actually, there was a superhit movie named Mother India made in 50's (in Hindi). A wonderful and a touching one.

How many hours of a day you spend replying to reader's posts and e-mails? Your integrity and stamina even at this age is extraordinary!!

Beloved Chetan, I love it

Beloved Chetan, I love it that you give me so much to respond to!

I will comment in the order you wrote.

Dear One, I have plenty that I regret and wish I could forget. My understanding is that at no time does God judge nor does He want us to judge. He does not promote judgement, not anyone's. Does love judge?

Yes, my family was poor in my early childhood. They always worked hard. They knew only to work. Later they were financially rewarded.

I would say that all my life I was isolated until God happened.. As I write the book The Little Things, Before God and After God, , there was no one there to speak my heart to, no one physically present,. I may not have known to either. Although there was plenty of emotion in my home, in terms of speaking, I suspect that feelings were demonstrated but not spoken. Chetan, you are giving me a lot to think about and more material for this autobiographical book. If you go to,right now, yesterday and today's blog entries go more deeply into a few areas than the Story of Heavenletters,. The first is called: Growing up Jewish in Longmeadow. The second is called: The House where I was born. You can comment there too, if you would like to.

Why do you say that being an extrovert is not good? I would think it is very good. Besides, we are as we are. We can only be what is true for us.. I still love my solitude but, at the same time, I have grown to be more outgoing. I am more trusting. I used to be very quiet, and now I am talkative!

My daughter supports me in Heavenletters. She lives spiritual, Chetan, although she is not into talking about spirituality as you and I are. She really lives as God tells us to but is more focused on relative life. She has always been a tremendous support to me.

I also have one niece who subscribes to Heavenletters and rloves them. My other remaining nieces nephews do not relate to what I am privileged to be a part of and nor do they relate to me. There is little or no contact. I guess I am something like the black sheep of the family.

If my father were alive, he would have been 100% behind me. He was always was. I think my mother would be proud whether she "got it" or not. .Of my siblings, I think all but one would be happy for me. And maybe my other brother would if Heavenletters become well-known. Maybe, I don't know, my nieces and nephews would take notice too.

What kind and considerate questions you ask!

About that vision I had when I had it, I thought I would always have it again every time I looked at the picture. I never had it again! What Christ said, as I remember, was: "Gloria, I have been seeking you for a long time." What I felt the message meant was: "The seeker and the Sought are the same." And In Heavenletters, God tells us that we are One.

Dear One, wherever our guidance may seem to come from, God has said that we hear it as Truth because we already have the knowledge of our Truth and so we recognize it deep in our hearts.

I went to take a course. I wasn't touring. I was very inward. At the end of the course, many of the participants went to the Taj Mahal, and I didn't. I spent my three months in India in New Delhi! I didn't want to leave.

I so want to go back. Heaven Admin's grandfather came to South Africa from India. Heaven Admin is a yogi and has never been to India. May God find the way for him to go for the first time, and, hopefully, me for the second. We would love to give Godwriting workshops there -- everywhere. You understand that Heaven Admin and I do not teach Godwriting. God comes in and does it. We are well aware we have so much to learn from Mother India.

Chetan, I would love to see the movie, Mother India. Is it online? Do you possibly have the link?

I am consumed with Heavenletters, They are my focus seven days a week.

I especially appreciate that you post on the website, Chetan. If you had emailed me your questions, I would not have been able to give the time and attention that I have given here, not that I wouldn't have wanted to. Although I am responding personally to you, your posting here in public makes it possible for our words to shared. When our writing is shared, it takes no energy or stamina for me to write at all. I do not know how much time it's taken to write to you just now because until this moment when I started to think of how long, time did not exist. What nice place to be!

I thank you for giving me this opportunity to respond to you. Your questions help me to further my thought. The time spent with you also brings me closer to Oneness with God and with you, beloved Chetan.

Hello :) I registered a

Hello :)

I registered a complaint to God regarding you. You are in habit of toooo much praising! Actually, it's not necessary......

Well, this message also, I think, is going to be a long one and again it will consume your lot of time to reply. But you have got such a nice patience and attitude to reply all these messages.

If God desires, you will definitely get a chance again to visit India for your workshops and may be, I could get a a chance to attend it! Hey, why don't you ask God about the possibility of your visiting India? He is our father and it is the duty of every father to fulfill the desires of his children ! Lol!!

The movie Mother India is in Hindi. We will have to check out whether it is available on the internet with English sub-titles. If not, I can send you a CD. It is touching story of a poor village woman who strives to raise her family with all self respect and dignity. The songs are so sweet.

Gloria, you wrote in the story of heavenletters that honesty is the best policy and it is like magic. Please elaborate on this! I am too curious to know more about this topic.

Orange is your favorite color! Orange signifies activity and creativity. Mine is lavender.

Gloria, did it ever happen that you got angry with God and had an argument with Him ? Who won?

I came across heavenletters in the website- It broadcasts many channeled messages daily just like yours. Well, just tell me, who are these angels? To name a few- Archangel, Michael, Gabriel. You have also written that you had a contact with angel Raphael. Who are these souls?

Well, let me stop here. Got a bit of cold and running nose.


Please remember, beloved

Please remember, beloved Chetan, it was no time at all to answer your questions. It was a breeze. Answering the invitations of your questions is something I do for myself. That's how it feels. You help me to discover and get closer to what I'm thinking and feeling. A question is a great trigger. I think it is a gift, and you are a blessing..

Sure, I can talk to God about going to India but here's the thing: As I understand it, God asks us to ask questions that are not Yes or No questions, in other words, not predictive questions.

Here I am in South Africa. I didn't ask. Suddenly I was invited, and my life expanded. I recently wrote a blog entry about desiring and letting go. I'll find the link and come back with it after I finish this.

Thank you for finding out if the movie you mentioned has English sub-titles. Is Hindi your language, Chetan? How lovely!

About honesty. Honesty is being open. It is saying what is true for me and not saying anything that is not true. It is not pretending. It is not trying to appear to be something I am not. It includes being honest with myself. That blog entry I mentioned above -- one comment from a Heavenreader was that I expressed myself openly. I didn't try to make myself more on top of things than I really was. Honesty is freeing! Of course, I don't mean that honesty includes being rude!

I love being with someone who makes it easy for me to be honest. It is a relief. I can also think of a person or two who, as I see it, cannot allow me to be honest. As I see it, their mind is closed, and I am closed out. They are so certain they are right. They speak conclusively. They may pull the wool over their eyes, as I see it, and I am left dumbfouinded. I do not know how to respond but to keep my mouth closed and stay away.

By asking your questions, you give me an opportunity to be honest. It's so simple. I wonder whether, through your questions and my answers, we have an up-date on The Story of Heavenletters. I wonder! Yes, I think so!

I wrote The Story of Heavenletters quite a few years ago, Chetan. Before orange became my favorite color, lavender was! And since I wrote that story, lemon yellow has now become my favorite color. Maybe my favorite color changes dependent upon what I need at the time. My favorite color does last years and years. Right now yellow heads the list. Will there be another most favorite color in years to come, I can't imagine what

Never did I have an argument with God. It was never there that I would fight with Him. This was true for the many many years when I was a stranger to God and had no tie with Him one way or another. This was true for the bulk of years when I was miserable. In my dark years, I don't recall even thinking: "God, where are You?" . Most of my life I am unaware of any conscious thought of God. I can take no credit for not arguing with God. Now I think of God and feel His Presence a lot. I can't take credit for that either. It happened to me. I can only credit God.

I will look up and thank them for including Heavenletters. I am grateful to them and grateful to you for your letting me know about their generosity.

What can Archangels be but energies of God? I'm quite sure there is a Heavenletter in which God says that. And are we not, too, energies of God?

Namaste, Chetan.

Chetan, here's the link to

Chetan, here's the link to the blog I mentioned above: