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hello everyone in this forum, my name is bob schreiner, i joined heaven letter's several year's ago but i really would like to know if anyone can really teach one how to LOVE!!! if anyone can truley help me please contact me at oneguns [at] hotmail [dot] com thank you and GOD bless you all sincerely BOB SCHREINER

Alas, there is no "how to"

Alas, there is no "how to" when it comes to love!

Sometimes God gets us there. Do you feel it sometimes? Of course, many Heavenletters are about love. And some Heavenletters are so sweet that our hearts melt on their own.

And God tells us we are to love across the board. Maybe we will get so tired of not loving that we will just forget about not loving and get right to it.

Was it today's Heavenletter that talked about how natural it is for young children to love? We were young children once. Guess maybe we were taught somewhere somehow to hold back our love.

Love your question, dear Bob.

Hello Bob, I have been

Hello Bob,

I have been pondering this same question of yours for a long time, and there seems to be no answer. God says that Love is not a sentiment or a feeling, so it's useless to try to 'feel' love. God also tells us constantly to be non attached, but as I've learned to be non-attached to my children, for example, I feel that I am not loving them, or someone else thinks I'm not loving them 'properly or enough'.
God also says that Love is what we are, so maybe we just need to peel off all the human layers from our real Self, and then it will be all clear. We will just BE what we are. Sometimes I feel that I am not capable of loving anyone, but then there's is something like a beautiful flower or a plant sprouting that stirs my heart, and I believe that this is love. So, basically I am just waiting to 'get there', hoping that one day I will realize what love and loving truly mean.

With love (just a word),

Never think that you are I. Know that I am you. /HEAVEN #515)

When it comes to love, be a

When it comes to love, be a big spender. It is not even being a big spender. It is being who you truly are. If your eyes are blue, your eyes are blue. You don’t have to work up to it. You don’t have to decide every day. Your eyes simply are blue, and that’s it. Allow yourself to be love and to give it at every turn, not even give it, for being love radiates love, enough for love to be known.

Heavenletter #4301 This Love
God is always ahead of us....

Never think that you are I. Know that I am you. /HEAVEN #515)

BEAUTIFUL responses, dear

BEAUTIFUL responses, dear Paula.

And where are you, Onegun, Bob Schreiner, come back! We want to know more!