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Quick Quotes

"There is enough wealth for everyone, but not enough desire for wealth for everyone.' HL#636

Look to me...

"Look to Me for at least a little bit of what you look to the world for. I gladly give you My attention. You don't have to scrounge for it. You don't have to play a game. You don't have to pretend anything. You don't have to kowtow. You please Me just by being here. I am the One already well-pleased with you. There is no entrance fee, and there are no requirements. An open invitation. Just come."

the most loved person...

When you make yourself the most loved person in the world, you will fret less. You will become unselfish. That’s how it works. You perhaps may have thought otherwise. Fill yourself with love, and you will be full of love to spend. You will help others to love themselves. You will be generous with love. HL#2238

Beloved Jeff, thanks a

Beloved Jeff, thanks a bunch! And Quick Quotes sounds like a great title for a series of books!