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About Food

Dear Gloria,

Has God ever said anything related to the food that we consume?

Some say vegetarian food is best, some say non-vegetarian food, According to me, the choice of food depends upon the time, place, type of work, situation etc.

Of course, God is the final authority. I would like to know His verdict.

Bliss and love,


Chetan, press at the top in

Chetan, press at the top in this site where it says Heavenletters™. Go to the continued full Heavenletter. At the very top, you will see that you can locate a Heavenletter according to topic, title. or number, if you have it. I do remember a Heavenletter about what to eat. See if you can find it, and take quotations from it to post here and give us the link to it as well.

What you say here seems so intelligent:

According to me, the choice of food depends upon the time, place, type of work, situation etc.

I would add depending upon who you are and what you feel.

As I recall, God was easy-going about this. There could be more than one Heavenletter on the subject. I just remember that one.

P.S. Be sure to go back to the blog, Chetan, for there are more great responses to your earlier question.


I did as you advised. Heavenletters are full with 'Food for thoughts' , which is by the way the best food. Few notable content is here-

Everything in nature is shared. Everything in nature is provided for. The monkeys in the trees drop half their food. They are, in fact, whether they are aware of it or not, feeding the ground animals who cannot climb trees. Dandelions, considered weeds, besides providing green leaves worthy of a king, also dig their strong roots deep into the soil, strengthening soil that needs strengthening. In joy, monkeys and dandelions provide for more than themselves, and, yet, they do reap expression and joy in themselves.

Today you may have a fabulous meal, and you say: "This is the best food I've ever had." You are expressing the truth of your emotion at the moment. Another time, you probably will say that again. Probably you already have - several times!

Your great imagination causes fear in you. Let the same imagination cause joy in you. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. The food you have before you right now is the food for you. Do not imagine its absence. Do not sacrifice what is before you with a meal that has not yet arrived. Your mother told you to eat the food before you. And I tell you to engage with the life that is before you right now.

Dreams are the food for your heart.

You forgot you were bound to God's heart. You forgot. The physical became your God. You discovered fire and food. And yet you also discovered art and music. These were great clues for you.

Ok, I am hungry. I leave now!

Beloved Chetan, did you find

Beloved Chetan, did you find the Heavenletter I remembered? You certainly shared some great ones with us in your response! Do you mind giving us the links to the Heavenletters you quoted from and/or numbers and title of the Heavenletters?

You're doing a great job, Chetain.