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1st Heavenletter

Dear Gloria,

1.When did the Heavenletters start?
2.Please send the link for the 1st heavenletter.

Bliss !!


This is a lovely question. I

This is a lovely question. I love questions! Thank you for asking.

On the right margin, you will find a page called The Story of Heavenletters™. That will tell you a lot more.

Here is a quick answer, although the answer isn't as simple as I would wish.

For two years Heavenletters were made of my personal questions to God and God's answers. As Heavenreaders came along, the substance of Heavenletters also included Heavenreaders' personal questions to God and God's personal answers to their questions as well as my own.

For most of those two years, I wrote Heavenletters by hand in a notebook. I had boxes and boxes of notebooks. Later I typed them up. I did not type up all the Heavenletters.

I did not number them or always date them. I did not keep track of which ones of the Heavenletters from the many many notebooks I had typed up. I know I did not type up all of them. I do not know what my first Godwriting™ was. There are lost Heavenletters. I do not still have these notebooks.

It wasn't until November 17, 2000, that I thought to number Heavenletters. It is then that God had burst in and said that from then on, Heavenletters were to be made of His agenda. No longer were personal questions to be the basis of Heavenletters.

Since that time, God chooses the topics. I'm quiet and just listen.

The first numbered Heavenletter is:

God Speaks Heavenletter #1 November 17, 2000

Here's the permanent link for you:

Now, somewhere along the line, a dear person collected the earlier unnumbered emailed Heavenletters that were primarily personal questions and God's answers and entitled them Heaven Sutras.

The first of these is entitled Surprise of Love, and is numbered Sutra Number 1. The Heaven Sutra Date given is 11/23/1998.

Beloved Chetan, I believe there is a way for you to find this Heavenletter, but I'm not sure how to do it.

Someone will know and post here. If not, we'll figure something out.

Oops, I see in the comments under the first numbered Heavenletter that Dr. Chuck Gebhardt gave us working links to the early Heavenletters. Thanks, Chuck!

Here they are:

Beloved Chetan, do you have more questions?

Looking forward to your comments here as well.

Thanks for the link.

Let me read it , contemplate on it and then I will comment!! Thanks Gloria

It is truly my pleasure,

It is truly my pleasure, beloved Chetan.

So beautiful!

Hello Gloria,

This stuff left me mystified, especially the sutras. It is so beautiful, I can't just make out where to begin from. If God had given me 100 eyes I would have read it avariciously!!

OK, here I would like to ask a million dollar question.(For me but it is!!). God has always said to follow our heart and not our intellect.Tell me,when a thought comes to mind, how to know whether it is coming from the heart or from the brain?

When people fall in love, they always follow their hearts and later they are left repenting and weeping!

I would like to know from you.

Beloved Chetan, I do believe

Beloved Chetan, I do believe that you are asking the million-dollar question. When is it our heart, our mind, and/or our ego?

Which one of us has all the answers or any of them?

I do remember some of the themes that God gives us in Heavenletters™. Two related points come to mind.

God says we don't measure our lives based on outcomes and results. We can fall in love, just as you say, and wind up heart-broken. Because the romance did not turn out to be what we wanted doesn't mean that we were wrong. Following our hearts -- life altogether -- doesn't have to mean worldly success. We ask why: I loved this person so much, our hearts were pure, and it didn't work out. We don't have to know why, God tells us.

God also tells us again and again not to become attached. If we could love without attachment, would we suffer when someone breaks off with us or whatever?

Interestingly, just in yesterday's Heavenletter #4279 True Grace --

God said:

Humility is no more nor less than knowing you don't have to have your own way.

This is a nice big insight. You don't have to be first in line. You don't have to be first in life. can easily let someone else go first. You can let Me go first, My Will not thine.

Chetan, it's possible that every single Heavenletter addresses, in some way, your million-dollar question.


Chetan, something else

Chetan, something else important that is obvious, but I'd better state it.

Anything that comes from less than love is not from the heart. Negative emotions certainly seem to be heartfelt, yet negativity, no matter how strong it may feel, is not from love and, of course, negativity is not to be acted on. That's simple!

What a wonderful million

What a wonderful million dollar answer! Sometimes, the answers to seemingly complicated questions are so simple and straightforward.

Gloria, what was the very first conversation between you and God?

Beloved Chetan, I don't

Beloved Chetan, I don't remember!

On the Godwriting™ blog,, if you would like to delve, you will find more.

By the way, today's blog entry has your question! It's entitled: Million Dollar Question!


I went through it. It was always. Because you speak from your heart!

Chetan, I am putting

Chetan, I am putting together a book (books) of a short quotations from Heavenletters about the Relationship of God to Us.

To give you an idea, here are some samples:

Beloved, you are a rose plucked from My cheek. When all is said and done, what can you be but My Rosiness?
Heavenletter #1261, The Essence of Love, published April 22, 2004

Sing My song, beloveds. Sing a song of love so great that it hammers in your heart, and you break out in light.
Heavenletter #3964, The Song of God’s Heart, published October 2, 2011

Who would have to pray for anything when all is love and love is all? Where would there be a separate God to pray to, and a separate you to pray? Life would be all prayers answered, for love speaks for itself and nothing, nothing, nothing can improve on it.
Heavenletter #4278, Bursting the Bounds of the World, published August 11, 2012

Beloved Chetan, you recently went to the early early Heavenletters and liked them a lot. Might you be interested in finding beautiful God-centered lines from those early Heavenletters™? If yes, we can find a place for you to post them.

We have enough Heavenletters for many such books.

Maybe someone else might want to find God-centered quotations from the early numbered Heavenletters and so forth. Probably efficient to find quotations from a dated range of Heavenletters so there is not duplication. I just thought of this, and I have been jumping around as you can see. I can stop that, however, and now can start focusing on recent Heavenletters. We can just play it by ear.

Very EAsy!

Dear Gloria,

Finding God centered (or about any topic) quotes from huge collection of Heavenletters is very easy. Transfer them all to Microsoft word document. Press control+F. Enter the desired topic in the box which appears. You will see the whole lot of related quotes highlighted from the data. It is so easy. Meanwhile, I have another curiosity(question). I am going to post it as a new topic.

Chetan, thank you for your

Chetan, thank you for your directions. The difficulty is that there is so much material, way more than enough. Think of what happens when you put the word God in! Very difficult for one person to sift through them all, dear one. On the other hand, all we need are 365 fabulous quotations for one of these books!

Your previous question wasn't a question from curiosity. It was a vital question!