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Your Heart is the Key

This is from Joyce:

Godwriting™ from 10/22/11

Joyce: I listen to other Godwriting™ from our group and hear familiar themes. Breathe, don't hurry, go into the wilderness to find Me.

God: These are worth repeating for you to remember and practice. Practice while you play, practice where you stumble, for I am with you.

Joyce: I feel I am not making progress.

God: Have you asked Me? Did not you hear the writing about filters? Your subjective is clogged.

Joyce: How do I unclog it? I am only aware that I repeat and I am tired of it.

God: Know this. I have the best knowledge of you. You are entering a growth spurt but that can be unsettling. Listen for Me. Stop in your day and say, "Is God whispering to me now?"

Joyce: I do think that I hear You sometimes. It comes from within very deep.

God: I am there. Seek me further. You know that your heart is the key.

Amazingly beautiful and

Amazingly beautiful and touching. thank you dearest Joyce for sharing God's love with all of us, it is such a blessing.