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Love is all there is

This is the summary of God's reply to some questions I had today:

Beloved child,
I am where you are. I am all that you are. Separation is not even remotely possible, I am the electron in every atom, I am all that you are, I am your beloved.
I am your every heart beat. I am your very breath. I am that by which you see and hear. I am the love in your heart. There is nothing but Me and every experience is an Me, no matter how confused some minds are, it doesn’t change the reality of Love being the only reality that there is.
Darling, I love you beyond your wildest dreams. you are my treasure, you are the love of my life and I am yours. I am your God and you are mine. We dance through creation in our loving embrace and nothing can touch us, we are tasting it all, we are all there is, our love is the only reality that is real.
All names and forms are mine, you cannot get lost. Even if you would worship and love a stone, you would worship and love Me and I would reveal myself to you.
Darling, I am all that you are and you are all that I am, we are lovers for eternity, dancing in love through My creation, Love is our only reality, Love is what we are and you are My love for ever and ever.
Your God and Father

Beloved Berit, Wow! This is

Beloved Berit,

Wow! This is so remarkably beautiful. God sure knows how to speak through you, Berit!

I melted into this. Very wonderful.

Loving you,