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Blossoming & Service

Godwriting from Gloria's Continuing Ed Workshop 10-22-2011

Ginger: Dearest God, It's a great joy to be gathered together here in our Godwriting circle today. A very special day in honor of Gloria and her new adventure coming up.

Dear God, Is there anything You wish to tell me?

God: Beloved Ginger, My Presence is with you and your Godwriting circle. Your openness to My love and messages allows Me to fill you up to overflowing.

Love is in the air here, so much good will among blissful hearts aspiring to do good in the world.
I watch over you even when you are not aware of it.

Ginger: Dearest God, I would like to write to You more frequently and hear what You have to tell me.

God: Yes, dear Ginger, it is very special to connect in this way so that I may flow My love to you more fully.

Ginger: Dear God, Is there any guidance You wish to give me now?

God: Dearest Ginger, be true to yourself. Do your best to stay on track with your life goals, vision and course in life. Yes there are many responsibilities along the way that need attention. However, remember to return to your center and keep on blossoming fully. I want to see you fulfill all of your highest aspirations in your life.

Continue with all of the service you do in your marriage, family and community. It lightens the load of others when you think of others in the ways you have. Opening doors to higher good is a very worthwhile modus operandi to move with in life. Keep on keeping on! Loving you, God

Thanks dearest Ginger for

Thanks dearest Ginger for sharing, God's words are so loving and caring and you are such a wonderful soul dear. thank you !!

Happiest greetings Berit

Happiest greetings Berit, it's a joy to see your kind note of appreciation for God's words and encouragement for Godwriting and sharing, thanks. We are so blessed by the beautiful daily Heavenletters and God's shining Presence in our life and this wonderful Heaven community. Your loving comments bring us more joy. Blessings to you in Italy, Mother country of my grandparents.

And, Beloved Ginger, to see

And, Beloved Ginger, to see a post from you here is a wonderful thing!

sweetest hugs and love to

sweetest hugs and love to you dear Ginger, and pls keep posting :-))