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I Am the Heart of Hearts

Godwriting at Gloria’s Continuing Ed Workshop, 10-22-2011

Laura to God:
Dearest Lord, How I love Godwriting! How I love You! And how blessed I feel to have my life and to be with those here today! What an honor to share with everyone in honor of Gloria, the Queen of Heavenletters. What would You like to share today with the group and/or myself?

God to Laura:
Dearest Laura, you are divine. Everyone is divine. I feel honored to be invited into your heart and everyone’s hearts. I reside in the Heart of Hearts. I am the Heart of Hearts. Seek nowhere else. Find Me in there, in your heart. See Me in others’ hearts.

Tell Gloria I am proud of the work she is doing with Heavenletters and Godwriting. Many, many people around the world have and are continuing to benefit from the words that flow through. Lives are changed when attention is put on Me. So many people are struggling with issues that cause them conflict and unhappiness. Any way they can come to Me is a good way. I am the Comforter and Redeemer.

Keep Godwriting. Keep spreading My Words of Love and Joy. Bring relief to the sorrows of the world. Keep on keeping on. My Love is for all across the board. No one is excluded from My Love. Everything in creation is filled with Love. Keep spreading the message of peace and harmony, joy beyond earthly pleasures. People need to find Me within them.

Tell Gloria that she goes with My Love. She knows this but she might like to hear it from your writing here. Tell everyone there how much I love them and remind them that their lives are unfolding as they are meant to.

And you, dear Laura, keep resting, keep writing, keep doing your art, keep on doing what brings you peace and happiness and know My Source of Beauty within you. Take care of yourself and know Me in you.

Laura to God:
Thank You, Lord. I always feel so close to You when I write.

God to Laura:
Yes, because we are the closest of close. Go now and spread My Word.

Laura to God:
Thank You, Lord.

So beautiful, Laura, you and

So beautiful, Laura, you and what God says to you.

Laura led the workshop this time, and she had everyone find the one or two-line gems in their Godwriting™. This was so powerful.

Godwriting™ is definitely good stuff, Laura.

With love and blessings,


Amazingly beautiful dearest

Amazingly beautiful dearest Laura !!! thanks so very much for sharing God's love whispers.

I love this here so very much : "Lives are changed when attention is put on Me."

sweetest love to you dear.

And isn't that the Truth!

And isn't that the Truth!

Berit, there are more posted Heavenpetals™ on the blog, lots more! Come see!

I am wild about Heavenpetals and the people who learned how to Godwrite™ and share their Godwriting™ with this.

Laura is not only a beautiful Godwriter™, she is one of the most caring efficient people I know. She Godwrites™ every day and inspires us all.

Thank you!

Thank you, dearest Berit and Gloria, for your kind, heartfelt, supportive words. We know it is God Who gets all the Glory. And I am grateful that He uses this form for the Words to flow. I pray that others are uplifted by them and that they find God in their own lives. Many blessings, Laura