Your Dance

God said:

You gather around the Maypole of life. There is a center from which you do not depart. No matter how far you fling yourself, you are still connected. You gather round the Maypole, and ribbons of love connect you one to the other. You cannot depart from love, for it is the center of you. The Maypole you dance around is your own heart.

Consider everything in life as a symbol of something greater, and then you will find yourself very close to Truth or perhaps right on the mark. Everything on earth is symbolic of a magnificence that reaches farther than you have seen or perhaps looked for.

You are aware of this greatness I speak of. You are aware of it when you breathe a sweet flower, gaze at the stars, pluck a twig of blossoms from a tree, step on the soil, sit still, see a car passing by, watch an ant. You are in the midst of magnificence all the time.

You sit somewhere reading this.

You give a thought or two to Me a day.

You wash a floor.

You greet a stranger.

You hail a cab.

The sun falls on your shoulder.

It follows you as you cross the street.

The sun lights your hair.

It puts a tiara on your head.

You have a sun within and a sun without.

Sun calls to sun.

Sun traces your every step lovingly.

You have been unobservant.

You thought you were a mere physical being dropped on earth, and you idled, waiting for something more.

But you are rich with gems and chariots and treasures. Right now you are.

You are God walking on earth.

Perhaps you have been asleep, rife in thoughts that you were something else or nothing at all, and that you had nothing to do but idle away days or rush through them.

Let your life on earth be like a piece of wood you whittle. You are making something. Right now you are.

You may be surprised at what you create with the stick of wood in your hands. You may have no idea of what a carver you are nor the power of the wood you have been given to carve.

Your unawareness has been colossal.

Today you will undo awareness. You will see deeper meaning in every act of yours and every act of another. What new interpretation of what life is saying to you might you make today?

Give single words to your life today. Leave out adjectives. Take verbs. Seek, ask, find, reveal, experience, see, understand, accept, partake, give, sing, listen, speak, say.

Take nouns. Adventure, revelation, height, sun, sky, moon, horizon, destiny, infinity, universe, giant, greatness, joy, exhilaration, purpose, beauty, awakening, holiness, ascension.

Take words that are both nouns and verbs. Like glow, love, look, light, sight, act, delight, glimpse, vow, practice, mist, envelope, try, experiment, offer, wonder, marvel.

Apply these words to moments of your day, to occurrences of your day, to understanding of your passage through this day.

What is the significance of this journey you take? Where are you going? What do you have in mind? What do you take with you? And what do you leave? And what do you give? And what do you desire? And what do you have? And what is more?

Apply yourself to greater meaning today. I have laid treasures before you. Keep an eye out for them. Pay attention to what you see and learn and give worthy names to them. You are on earth for great purpose. Applaud your dance around the Maypole.

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I just got this using the

I just got this using the Cosmic Generator! I'm commenting so that you may marvel in delight or delight in this marvel!

heavenly words

I know these are God's words, I know, I am sure of it, they are like a sweet code that unlock my heart-safe, then why I still do not believe You ?
Thank you Heaven Admin and thank you dear Scribe.

thank you Jochen

This is the most delicious Easter egg I have ever received! And the surprise inside, I cannot wait...
You have make me happy, so very happy
Thank you dear friend