The I-ness of You

God said:

Until you lock into Our Oneness, you will pursue problems. You will invite them, catch them, hold them to you, all as distraction from your greatness.

With or without nonexistent problems, We will commune. With or without words, We will commune. We will sit and hold hands. Perhaps Our eyes will talk in silence. Perhaps We will commune on levels not yet thought of, let alone realized.

There is more to come, My dearests, and We shall walk fields of flowers together. We shall sigh in great sweetness. We will say Ah, how beautiful. Our eyes will melt the world, and We will soar higher and higher. That is figurative speech, of course, for We shall soar in spacelessness. Our embrace will be total Oneness. We shall be such stillness of wonder that separation cannot exist even as a thought. Oneness instead.

You do not need to keep problems in order to know Me.

You and I, I and You, until there is only I, not you as a subsidiary, but I in all My glory. You will know Me and know that you, as you refer to yourself, never existed. That supposed you-ness was a character in a play. Now you will be behind the scenes for there is only behind the scenes. There is no curtain to go up nor curtain to go down. There is no you or I. There is Oneness.

It is not that you are erased. It is that you take your rightful place. You ascend to the throne. Only there is no throne, for when there is only Kingship, what possible use could a throne serve? Who would need a throne. Allness requires nothing but Itself. There are no subjects before the King. There is no before or after the King. There are no objects either. Love rules supreme, but there is nothing to rule. Love takes its seat, but it has no seat. It is not located. It is. It is its own content but it has none. Love takes over, but what does Love take over when Love alone is?

Nothing is submerged. Nothing is heightened. All is height, but height will not be known, as if Supremacy could be higher or lower or anything at all but the Oneness of Itself.

I laugh when man wants to conquer the world! What is there to conquer when all is yourself, you have everything, and there is nothing out there to conquer! There is no out there. There is no in here. There is only Allness, which you might, in your present state, equate as Nothingness when it is Everythingness, Everythingness without things, without any else's, only Oneness. If nothingness be Fullness, then indeed there is Nothingness.

If you must capture something, capture Me. Seize Me, the Seizeless.

If you must attain, attain Me.

If you must complete something in the world, complete a drawing of Me. A drawing of Me will look like you, only there will be no edges, no diminuition. Your drawing will show Me as great light, only there is no way to draw My Light. You can only be It.

Fall into My Graces. Fall in with your awareness, for you have never been anywhere else. Indeed, you thought you were, but you have had many thoughts that were not so.

Free yourself from thought. Thinking has held you back from yourself. You have put other gods before you. You have put everything before you. You have forgotten you. You thought you were that character in costume on the stage. You thought there were many characters, and now I tell you that there is One, and it is You.

Drama is added on. And what is the world but drama? And what are you but I?

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Dear God, Tell me, what can

Dear God,

Tell me, what can I say? You must be tired of all the wows I uttered under my breath while reading, but there is really nothing else I can say. Wow.