Oneness in Life

God said:

Ask for what you want. Ask, but do not stamp your foot. Ask lightly for that which you desire, and let it find its way to you. Sometimes a quiet knock opens the door whereas loud banging does not. A quiet request sent out is often heard the best. A desire whispered in your heart may carry the furthest.

To whom do you make your requests? You can make them to Me as a friend Who walks along with you. When you tell Me what you are looking for, I can help you find it. And when you share your heartfelt requests with Me, you become very clear yourself on what it is that you wish to invite.

Ask beyond your surface request. Perhaps you request wealth from the universe, but what is beneath wealth that you really are asking for? Money in the bank is merely a symbol for something greater that you desire. Name it.

Dig deeper into your heart. Some of your deepest cravings are disguised from you.

You may crave cotton candy, but your desire for sweetness goes deeper than that.

You may desire friends. What is it truly that you are asking for, and what is it you are asking of yourself?

You have layers of desire. What motivates your desires? What is it you really and truly want?

You may feel lonely and desire more and greater friendships. But then what? What will assuage the ache of loneliness?

Long ago I made clear that sacrifice is not asked of you. The idea of sacrifice fosters the idea of lack, as if that which you do for another takes away from yourself. Give up the idea of giving up anything.

Yet now it is time to consider others. Just consider. Consider the possibility that you are in life for the amelioration of others. Perhaps you want to consider that there is more to life than your own personal gratification. The wheel of personal fulfillment only goes so far. Truly, you would not like to go to a movie and be the only one there. Just so is it in life. You really and truly don't want all the first prizes. Oneness in life goes further and deeper than the circumference of you.

Your halo extends further than you know. It goes as far as your thoughts take you.

Like radio waves, your thoughts go out. Your thoughts walk through water. Your thoughts go to the outermost galaxy and to the center of the earth. There is no place that your thoughts do not go.

The universe loves you, but it may be a little tired of hearing only about you and what you want for yourself. The universe would like to hear a little about a greater sphere from you.

Oneness encompasses greatness, not smallness. Oneness encompasses universality, not isolation.

When an archer shoots an arrow, he shoots as far as he can. He does not direct the arrow to himself. And so your hands go outward and they offer gifts to others. Offering to yourself alone is like throwing your hands up. Your arms want to clasp more than yourself.

Your destiny is greatness. There is no where you cannot go. There is nothing you cannot do.

Have no wish to conquer anything. Perhaps instead of making requests, you may want to bequest. What would you like to bequest upon one other single soul or the entire universe right now? Whatever it is, you are capable of it.

If only you could know what it is you want to give. Start venturing out, and you will find out what it is. You are on the horizon of your destiny. Right now you are. One more tiny step is all it will take. You will reach out to give, and you will find your own treasure.