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Your Best Teacher

Your Best Teacher

God Said:

Are you looking for a mentor? A teacher that is your best teacher? Have you always wished you could be connected to someone that would be able to give you all the answers to life?

So, many are looking for a guru, a teacher, or mentor to help them with the biggest questions in life. They are looking for someone that will get them from point A to point B safely. The best teacher is not a human being. Nothing wrong with teachers I would have you know. Teachers, mentors and gurus all have their specific place and purpose in helping their fellow man.

Jesus talked about a teacher that would be your best teacher…The Holy Spirit. He said, “That no man need teach you…and the Holy Spirit after his ascension would be your teacher…one that would lead you and guide you into all truth”. This Holy Spirit, which is the divine in each and every one of you, is your BEST TEACHER! This is the teacher you should be seeking and no other. You do not need man to teach you. Man is finite. I am infinite in my wisdom, knowledge, and ability to lead and guide your life.

Allow me to be your guru, your teacher and your guide through life and it will seem so natural and effortless for you. Will you be taught something significant from others that call themselves teachers? Of course, the universe uses all to be your teacher…but your real teacher is deep within. Awaken this teacher and you will be surprised what it knows.
All of my creation is equipped with this special teacher, this special guru who will lead you to the Promised Land, a land that is full of milk and honey and utter paradise.

This is the teacher that Jesus and all the masters used throughout the ages to answer the difficult questions of life and humanity. The beautiful thing about this teacher is that it is available and on call to you 24-7 and never sleeps or slumbers. Whenever you need this teacher, the teacher is ready, willing and able to answer your deepest needs, even the needs that your human mind is not aware of. Will you enlist this great teacher?

This is the teacher that taught all the great ones that have ever lived. This is the teacher that will allow you to create and invent miracles for mankind. Yes, if you enlist this teacher you will never be led astray or be deceived as it is impossible to be deceived by me, the master of the universe, the God force, the Holy Spirit that is within each and every one of you. Why are you always seeking from without to fill the void that is within?

You heap to yourselves teachers. You constantly are seeking for knowledge. You are insatiable in this earthly quest to satisfy the curiosity of the mind. You will not find this teacher in the brain, or logical thinking process. This teacher resides in the realm of Spirit, where I am. This teacher resides in the realm of the heart and the soul level of every human being alive. This teacher does not communicate exclusively to anyone. Especially it does not communicate to those who deem themselves holy, or holier than Thou.

Who is this teacher that cannot miss? Who is this teacher that understands the mysteries of the universe? Who is it that understands all? It is I. It is my Spirit housed within your soul and placed into your human body. It is this same Spirit that taught all the great men and women of God their truths. It is this guide that will always guide you to the light of who you are. This is your higher self, the God force within.

You have always recognized it, but very rarely access its wisdom and vast knowledge. This same guide can show you anything you need to know. It can lead you to your desired promised land where it will be of “milk and honey”. This same spirit is waiting for you to ask for its guidance for your personal life. What is preventing you from asking? Are you listening to others ahead of my Spirit? This is fine as long as the others are listening to me. Not all hear me clearly and they wonder why.

Is it because you are so entrenched in this immediate life and circumstances that come with life that you have left me out? Do you think your human brain can process information like I can? It is impossible. Every great man or woman of history knew this. Einstein knew it and he only touched the very surface of universal truth. There is much more my child that is out there for you to know and understand, but if you are looking only from the conscious mind, you are going to be disappointed. Yes, the human mind is necessary for your earthly existence, but it is not the end all be all for you.

You need to access my mind, the mind of Spirit. The still, small voice of your own inward heart and soul. This is where God always dwells. This is the place of utter knowing. This is the place that will lead you to your desired destination and purpose for your life. You will not find it anywhere else no matter how many universities and degrees you might attend and acquire. All knowledge, wisdom and guidance will come from The Source, me.

If you have never accessed this divine wisdom it is time my child to do so. Once you do this you will fly with the wings that heaven can only supply. You will soar and others will behold you and wonder what you know that they don’t seem to know or understand. You will have infinite, not finite wisdom available to you 24-7, anytime you require it. All you have to do is ask your beloved God to help you tap into this spiritual realm where all truth exists and abides.

Now is the time my child to do this. There is no time like right now. Be still right now where you are and access this inner voice, the God Force within…This is your BEST TEACHER.

I love you all dearly,


What a wonderful reminder

What a wonderful reminder this is. I really think, that this is the heart of everything there is, I mean it's the core.
Everything in our life, ourselves and all that surrounds us, all the experiences we make, all that we live and feel and think could be lifted to a higher level, to a universal level of understanding and living and sharing, if we would constantly be connected and if we would constantly have a conversation with God because in each mircosecond all that we would be
would come from the very source.
I once asked God about this connection because for some reason or other, I was convinced that FIRST I should get to be a better person, FIRST I should be PERFECT and ONLY THAN God would talk to me always and permit me a constant connection thru my heart and whole being. A big misunderstanding in mybehalf. One thing I was told made the idea really clear and I was really so happy:

"We can always have our conversations and chats, in fact being connected is not something I do or don't activate, the connection and oneness is always existing, only you choose when to tune in to Me. We can chat while you do the dishes or iron or scrub the floors as well as when you are relaxing having a walk or not doing anything."

Thanks for this posting dear Scott!

Love Light and Joy to all

Thanks sweet are

Thanks sweet are absolutely right...we don''t have to be perfect or the most holy to hear God's words...just tuning in is essential.

Love and Many Blessings to you,

so well said,

so well said, Berit...perfectly put...TY, as always for your beautiful Heart...michael:)

Wow...i am feeling such a

Wow...i am feeling such a feeling of awe and honor and respect and synchronisity...amazing...i just read this now after i was lead to write a quick writing that i just posted re:the Great Ones and us all Being the Same...and this is what i'm re-reading Here, Now in such a magnificent You dear One allowing it all to come forth in such a grand yet simple way...TY...michael:)

We are really all ONE, I

We are really all ONE, I feel the love and amazing energy and vibrations of this site are growing and shining more and more, we are indeed rising, we are each day more and more who we REALLY ARE, DIVINE LIGHT AND BLISS AND LOVE. I love this Heavenfamily !


Yes, Berit, it is a

Yes, Berit, it is a beautiful family we have and a beautiful world we enjoy...

I lift my Spirit toasting cup to you and all the brethren and I toast to your day today...May unlimited blessings and love be your experience every day. :)