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The Final Verdict

The final verdict
As we get past the past
And ultimatums
Not guilty
Case closed
For there is no case
In totality
That love would judge
No judgment passed
When and where love could be judged
There is no judge
No supporting jury
That could effect some fury
Against innocence
Not forgotten
But forgetting
It's the Begotten
Time and space
To play
With love seemingly not being the case
And yet it Is
And yet we Are
So court is adjourned
Not just as in some hiatus
But eternally
And Now it's squarely and fairly on us
To shine the Light of day
To catch up
With What's
With Who's
Already the perfect Way

in love, michael:)

You really have a divine

You really have a divine gift dearest Mike, each time I read your poems I am breathless and I wonder: How can he do that ? How can he do that miracle over and over again ? Your poems play with God's divine creation, with the utimate Truth, with our innermost emotions and feelings and I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU CAN DO THIS MAGIC BUT I LOVE IT !!!!


Berit, truly...with all my

Berit, truly...with all my heart...I love who you are and am soooooooooooooooo grateful in so many ways that it's even-steven as they say...or at least in america they do:) it's touche, as it applies to the wonderment and respect that I have for your Way...I thank God for You in my life and every blessed person on this site...that remind old soul mike to keep it light, to Be The Light, which we All Are On High but not so high that anyone could ever, ever be lower or "left behind" ...:)'s and laughter ...nice night...blessed dreams