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Truest Pleasure

The pleasures of the world
Sought out
For a time
Will have their say
Yet then
Being fleeting
They'll fade
As mist that lifts
Giving way
To the unfurled
Light of day
And in this way
The better
The best way to be
Not to be waiting, frustrated or delayed
Not hinging or unhinged
To Be
The Way
Still free
As Joy
That Sees
The wonderment
Of our closer than close
The Now
Right Here
Under our nose
And if circumstances we continue to recall
Whatever our pursuit
All in all
Our balance, our truth
Will remain
That the present is our all
Where perfect health does cure
The Force, the Source
From which all events have occurred
So truest Pleasure
Light as a feather
Spacious as the ether
In all ways
Is us As Love
The, Our
"In the beginning was
The Word"


Michael, I love your poetry.

Michael, I love your poetry. I love your spirit. It is like God's. That is how I see you my God.
Keep writing your beaufiful words of love and inspiration. Be the light...Be the light...Shine the Light...Shine the Light!

With Love and Gratitude,

Thank You, Scott...I'm

Thank You, Scott...I'm honored...we are all the Same and yet i'm humbled in your presence and grateful for your light...with respect and appreciation...receiving your cyber hugs and smiles and words of inspiration which remind to let in and let out, to embrace and allow my Highest Self as well...what a novel idea:)....michael:)

Michael....thank you for

Michael....thank you for your words of wonder, beauty and insight. And thank you for pointing to the Love that we all are. Love and blessings, Jim.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

Dearest Mike, Scott and

Dearest Mike, Scott and Jim

you are a REAL BLESSING to this Heavensite !!! How I love the expressions of your hearts !!!!!

Love LIght and Joy