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God Said:

Scott, children are the blessing of the divine. Without the ability to produce offspring would indeed limit your abilities to relate to me. This is not to say that those who cannot produce children are in any way inferior or not blessed by the divine. You all come into each existence with or without this ability to create children. You set it up in your contracts before you come here. In one lifetime you are one sex and in another you can be a different sex. This is all here to help you experience more of every aspect of life, and how you can better relate to me.

If, after one lifetime is complete, and you decide in the next one that you need different attributes, or you want to work on areas of your life that need to be in congruence with your truest soul’s calling and desire, than you might choose to be a different sex than you have taken on in this lifetime. This seems to bring such confusion to most because it is hard for the human brain to wrap-around this concept of past lives and the karma of the soul.

I gave you the capacity to reproduce offspring after your kind. Isn’t it interesting that each species of my creation expresses in reproduction of their offspring after their kind? Like produces like. I created and produced you as a human being after my very image and likeness. It was perfect and good in its creation…it was flawless and divine. You have been conditioned to believe differently by listening to others instead of listening to your heart. Your heart is always right my child. Your heart will not lie to you as it is always connected to me and my heart. We beat as one heart you see, my dearest child.

I allowed you to be like me in the creation of offspring, or the ability to produce children after your kind…after your likeness and image they are created. Look closely at your children my beloved and you will see a marketable reproduction of yourselves in them. This gives you great joy as they are a “chip off the old block”, as you would say. And that is the way I wanted it. Even though they might resemble and model you completely, they in their spirits replicate me. They are perfect, flawless, and blameless. This is how they come into the world as you know it.

Why did I give you this ability to create offspring and children? So, my beloved, you could relate on a very minute scale of how I feel about you…so you could relate to my feelings for you. When you look at your children do they not resemble you? Are they at times not a mirror of you in your thoughts, actions and deeds? Don’t you shake your heads at times and say, “That looks just like something I would do”. Or, “That is exactly how I would have expressed this”. Do they not remind yourselves of you? Have you ever thought that God, your creator, might think the same way about you my beloved?

Can it be possible that I look at you and I say, “Wow, they are certainly a “chip off the old block” when it comes to them looking and acting like me? I do the same as you. I look at you and shake my head and swear they look and act like me. Why? because I created them to look and act like me. You have been told differently and it is not true my child that you were born into sin and you resemble your father the evil one known commonly as the devil, or Satan as some of you refer to this entity. You take scriptures taught to you out of holy books, created by man, and they are taken out of context and become confusing to you. Much of what you have been taught is to promote a religion that is being perpetuated throughout generations. You have been taught wrong my child. You were never born automatically into sin. You were born flawless and impeccable. You indeed were created like unto me, and you resemble my likeness and image.

I am not saying everything you have been taught by religion or others is all wrong. No, it has its place, and if it helps you get to me… I am all for it. Which religion? You choose my beloved children what works with you. If it serves you, and aids and abets you in your journey and search of me, than well and good. If not, then know that you will be internally guided in your specific path and direction. Have you ever wondered why there are so many religious organizations out in the world? Have you ever said to yourself which one is the right one? The right one for you is the one that you choose my child. All religions were created by man, because mankind has always had an inclination and premonition of the soul that says, God exists. And, I do exist, even if you don’t agree with me, or believe in me. I still believe in you!

What did you buy into my child? What thoughts or beliefs do you have about me as your Father God? Do you think I would create you flawed? Do you think I create anything that is not perfect? Why do you blame me for things that happen in your world? Did I not turn this world and its creation over to you? Why don’t you take complete responsibility for what you create? Can you create perfectly as me? Yes, you can…if you so choose. I gave you the ability and capacity to create like unto me. You can create that which is beautiful, or that which you would call, evil and destructive. You choose. This world is in your control…it is in your hands…I turned it all over to you.

Don’t look at the world and say it is bad. If it is bad…why did you create it that way? You can change it my child…you have the power to change anything that you set your heart and mind to do. You have all power. I gave it to you. How are you using it? Are you a good and faithful steward of what I have given you? If you don’t like the way something is about your world then change it. So, many are asking me to fix it all when I gave it all over to you as stewards of this divine grace. Start with fixing your flawed image of yourself and all the misbeliefs centered around me. Why have you believed what others said about me rather than listening to your hearts my child?

I made you as me. You believed something different. Will you believe your heart for a change? Will you agree with me? How can two walk together unless they agree? Will you walk with me? Will you talk with me? I always have walked and talked with those who chose to walk and talk and commune with me. This is the heart of your Father-Mother God. I want to know you. I want you to know me. I already love and admire all my children. Not one of them was miscreated or a mistake. No, miscreation and mistakes are not in my vocabulary, and they are not part of my creation. How about you, my child?

Look at your creations…look at your children. Are they not like unto you?
Do they not model you? Do they not remind you of someone? Do they not remind you of yourself? And, you, my beloved children all remind me of me. I am the perfect creator and I created the perfect creation. You might again argue with this thought because of your belief system. That is OK. You have the right to believe anything you want…but does what you believe serve you my child? Why would you choose to believe in the thought that you were created flawed and incomplete? Why would you agree with the thought that you were born into sin without a choice? This is preposterous to me. I created everything good…like unto God, it was all good. Even in your scriptures this is explained. Then how is it you bought into the belief that God made you bad and you need a savior? Why did you buy into what others wanted you to buy into?

Look at your own children, your creation and offspring and do they not remind you of you? Their bodies, their likeness is much like yours even down to their mannerisms. However, their eternal soul and spirit is made like unto their eternal creator…they resemble me in the eternalness of their souls. This is what I see and only what I see. I do not see their outward flaws as you would say. Do they have the power to choose what you classify as right and wrong? Yes, they do. Each has this choice. These choices of not listening to their hearts do not serve them. Many have to learn as you say, the “hard” way. Does that mean they are evil? Does that mean they are children of the evil one, or Satan, as he is called by you? No, my child I repeat, I did not create them evil or in sin. I created them flawless and perfect like unto me. It is their own choices that have not served them well, that have caused the other reality, of feeling flawed.

I created all my creation with the power of free choice and of will. I am not egotistical. I wanted all my creation to have this power of free choice. It is one of the greatest gifts I gave to my creation. I did not force anyone to love me, to worship or adore me. Think about this for a minute my beloved…this story will touch your heart and soul.

You created a child. This child resembled you in so many ways. This child was full of life and vitality, so full of joy and expression, so full of love. Your heart melted when you saw your beloved child. You would admire them in the stillness of the night when they were asleep. Tears would come to your eyes as you thought of them. As they grew up and engaged with life, sometimes they did not always make the right choices. Sometimes they did not follow your counsel for direction. They paid for their mistakes and you loved them anyway, even if you did not always agree with them. As they became adults they were totally free to express in any way that they wanted to because you were no longer parenting them. They were adults and made adult decisions. One day, you found out that this precious child of yours had made a terrible decision; one that would cause them to be incarcerated. They had done a heinous crime in which they would have to pay a severe price for.

This crime was a crime of passion. They had loved someone dearly who decided to take their love and squander it upon another. Their partner no longer returned the favor of the love that your child gave to them. In fact, not only did they not return the love, they were publicly out playing the fool with another lover. Your child in its love for this partner decided to take things into their own hands. They loved this one so much that they shot and killed their partner, and now they landed in death row, scheduled for execution. This child of yours was certainly remorseful for their actions, but it was just too late. They had pulled the trigger in a fit of passion and love. They felt they were doing a service to humanity for ending this partner’s life. They were convicted and the sentence was meted out to them by your penal system.

You heart as a parent is now torn in two. You did not ever teach this to your child. You never modeled this kind of behavior to them, and yet, they committed this heinous crime on one they had loved so dearly at one time. You heart was wrenched in pain and sorrow for this your child; the offspring of your loins is now going to be executed and condemned by your penal system. You go to visit your child often in prison. They are sad and remorseful for what they have done…taking justice into their own hands…in a crime of passion and love.

Even though their earthly body will be destroyed by your penal system, even though their behavior was totally unacceptable, and you had never taught them to be violent, they chose to do this heinous crime of passion. What happened? They chose my child. They chose it all. It was not you that chose for them. It was all their choice and now they are going to pay the piper. Justice has been meted out and it is final. You shed tears for this child. Your heart is broken in two. Your heart bleeds with sorrow and pain for what they have done.

You continue to visit your child in prison. They cry through the prison bars. Your tears stream down your face. It is too late to save them. Oh, if you could only save them…but you cannot. You begin to think… “What did I do to cause this”? As if you had to take ownership of their crime. You did not do the crime…they did it. You did the best you could to rear this child and to steer them to living a loving, and peaceful life, but this is how it is going to end…their life will be taken from them. Life for life, as your system demands. This child of yours will be executed and their earthly life will be terminated. You have no control over this judgment. They, your child, made “their bed” as you say, and they will lie in it. They will die at the executioner’s hand.

My question to you my child is this; will your love ever change for this your child, who is your beloved offspring? Do you condone their behavior? Was there anything you could do to prevent this heinous crime of passion? The answer to all these questions is NO, an emphatic NO. This is bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh. You cannot but love this creation of yours even if they did not make the right choices in life. You will go to your grave loving this child. Your heart will be broken and dashed to pieces but your love will always be with them.

The day of their execution has been arranged. Some family members are allowed to see the execution. You have decided to see your child’s execution and you will witness their death, and the demise, of their earthly body. Your mind races in every direction the day of the execution. Your child has ordered their last meal and they tell you what they had to eat. You laugh and cry with them on the phone. You recall past times and events in their lives. This causes you more laughter and tears as you both recall favorite times and events of your lives together. Your child proclaims loudly and with tears that they are sorry for their behavior, but nothing they say now will help change their fate.

Their death is to be by lethal injection and you will see them rolled out on a gurney and you will see your child strapped down as if helpless to help them self. Guards are all around them as they roll them into the area of execution. They roll back a curtain for those who were invited to view the execution. You cannot hold back your tears. Your child frantically looks to see you and catches a glimpse of you. Tears begin to flow from both of you. This child knows it has done wrong in the eyes of everyone. This child killed another in a fit of passion. A minister is their to preside and say a prayer over your child…more tears flow but there is nothing you can do now to save them. The crime has been committed and justice in your system will prevail.

It is over in a flash…before you know it…you witness their last breath that they will ever breathe again. It is finished. They drape the body with a sheet and close the execution ceremony. Your child has been pronounced dead by the county coroner and his death certificate has been written. You go home a very sorrowful parent. You will never see them again…or will you?

Even though man has taken their life. Life for life. I have taken their soul and they are with me again. There is a judgment. But it is not the judgment you have been told. No one is going to hell for any eternal punishment. Their spirits are part of me and I could not send myself to hell and damnation. This is not how I work. This might be how you as humans work, but it is not in my nature to do this. This judgment spoken of, is one where this soul, actually judges themselves. It is a review of their entire earthly existence from start to termination.

They see things as differently now. Now, they see as it were from my perspective, and with my vision and perception. Are there some tears at the review? Yes, but they shall all be wiped away by me. They know when they get here that they are safe with me. I can only love unconditionally, that is all I know. You have learned conditional love because that is what you have learned. My love is demonstrated to them with unconditional love and complete acceptance. Tears of joy are shed and I embrace them and let them know that all is alright now. I treat them like a loving parent would treat their children…with tenderness and love. I wipe their tears and cry with them. After they review their entire life they come up with ways to change it when they come to the next life. They do this all on their own with the help of heaven at their disposal.

Do you see now why I gave you the power to create children? It is because I want you to experience what I experience for you. Your love is conditional. Mine is unconditional and everlasting to everlasting. My love for you will never fail. Heaven and earth will pass away, but not my love for you…you are my divine offspring. You have choices though. Use them well my child, use them well. But, I want you to know that if you mess up, if you make wrong choices, I will not condemn you to hell or eternal punishment. You are part and parcel of me. I cannot do it, neither will I do it. My love is EVERLASTING! Rest in this blessed hope my sweet child. Rest.

I always love you my sweet child,