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You can come into my heart...

If you like, you can come into my heart. The door is wide open all the time...and you are invited to enter any time you want. When you enter, take off your coat and make yourself at home. Notice a chair with a soft cushion I have placed in front of the hearth... where a fire is crakling and spilling warmth into the room. You may sit there or anywhere you please. And do help yourself to some hot tea and some cookies on the table next to your chair. There...I can see you have made yourself comfortable. And after your tea and snacks, you can relax here for as long as you like. can confide in me...tell me anything...whisper it if you like. Your confidence will be kept. Or...just relax in the soothing light and warmth of this small chamber...within my heart...which is really your heart...which is really God's Heart. do not have to can conduct all of your affairs...everything...from the comfort of this Heart. Welcome home beloved! Jimi.

Tears of joy and of such an

Tears of joy and of such an overwhelming feeling of home just come. I think I have always been in your heart, I think we know each other since the beginning of time, I feel our intimate and joyfull friendship and our being partners and brothers and sisters since ever, our eternal love bond. I have always been here, I know that, but sometimes I felt the illusion of being far away and lonely and desperate, and thanks to God He always reminded my and recalled me to the reality of LOVE, softly touching my heart.
This is one of the most breathtaking, overwhelming and loving expressions of God I ever was blessed with.
With endless Love and Gratitude to Jim and Jimi

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your loving response Berit! My Heart just loves to express that way...whether it is me or doesn't matter any more because the division is quite blurry lately! I think that humanity...and even more than humanity...maybe reality is just one big loving presence...but because of the illusion of separation...the mind loves to set up barriers....and judgements and whatever. But pure love...oh my God...that moves through this "me"...just wants to love...and whether this is responded to or not the so nice to receive back too! So i thank you so much from the depth of my heart! In my everyday life...I find myself smiling a lot and feel increasingly loving toward everything and being in love with everyone...but without the typical human attachments!!...but I am somewhat discerning in how I express love verbally because it could be so easily misinterpreted by the other person. But maybe this is my issue still...I am not too clear on that one. I have felt, however, increasing comfortable to just express whatever this heart wants to...on this web site...and on my site too. For me...the biggest blessing in my life so far setting my mind aside...and just expressing with my heart...and with that... allowing the Love to flow. So thank you for the beautiful loving presence you are Berit!...Its time maybe now for some more blessing of countries...which I love to do too. Jim.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

There is such an amazing

There is such an amazing abundance and Presence of Love on this site.
It is truly wonderful.
I just want to express my love and gratitude to each and every One of you.
I love all of the comments.
I love all of the postings.
I love all of the Love that is so freely given and shared in all ways and on all levels.
You are all angels and you are all greatly loved and appreciated!

In the Love and Joy of Oneness ~