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A Note To God from Jim and Jimi

I thought we would both drop you a note to just share what is in our if you don't know! We are quite happy these days...the happiest we have been thus far. We will switch to "I" for convenience sake. I feel I am living more and more from my heart...your Heart is quite happy here and also strong here...but also quite vulnerable. Do you know what I mean? By vulnerable I mean just sensitive to feelings...sensitive to the fullness in my heart and sometimes just wondering in what ways to share this fullness...if you know what I mean? I guess what I want to know maybe is how to follow you even to really be One with you. I think just asking the question is a step toward that. Do you think? I think so! there a Mrs God (Jimi wants to know. Jimi says if we are your children, then his mother must be Mrs. God.) the other thing both of us want to say is how much we both love you. We love you bigger than the universe...if that is possible...and thank you for everthing that we are aware of and also for the things that we are uanaware of....and thank you for helping everyone so much. Infinite love and blessings from Jim and Jimi