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What really is prayer?

Prayer for me is:...anything that is spoken or written or thought that is from the Heart. Yes it can be words that are requesting something from God. It can be words that are thanking God. It can be words that are giving something to God. The most powerful, poignant prayers come when we don't plan the words too much...we just let them flow. I had a spiritual teacher named Emaho who said: "The most powerful prayer does not come from either a great sage or from a great comes from your own heart." I believe that there is great love and wisdom in those words. Some of the sweetest prayers come when we just want to say a few little words to God...we just want him to know something...from the lips of a child. Jimi is good at maybe here comes an example from Jimi's lips to God's ear:

God I love you so much! I love the way you love me and take care of me....and love and take care of your other children too. Here is a secret that maybe you already know but 'm going to tell you anyway: I like to share your love with all others. And...of course just to share cause I feel I have more than enough for myself. Also, as you know, I used to not love myself or anyone else very much at all. So thank you for teachiing me how to love in a real way... not just pretending to be nice to others so that they could pretend to be nice to me...but to genuinely love all others regardless of how they might treat me, and to genuinely not expect anything in return. Just to be able to share love is way, way enough. And thank you for bringing your child Emaho to me who taught me so much about love.
And thank your for this dear planet Earth with its precious people that I can love as much as I want. Have a beautiful day God and say hello to Mrs. God too. Your son and pal, Jimi.

P eaceful emanations R

P eaceful emanations
R ippling to extole
A wareness of Divinity
Y earnings for The Whole
E ternal song of Love's pure bliss
R esounds 'twixt heart and Soul

You don't have to say a prayer ~ just be a prayer!

Life is a living prayer!

Love Mary


Oh yes...thank you for that

Oh yes...thank you for that Mary...Gosh! We are a prayer already! Jimi

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.