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What I Did

Dear friends, let me share a quote that never fails to uplift me when I feel out of sorts. Short, portable, always handy:

" You don’t need to change, or fix or undo anything. Just relax and hear this: I’m doing all right and always did the best I could from where I stood. What I did was enough because it’s what I did."

Abraham, August 12, 2007


Oh how lovely Jochen! Yes ~

Oh how lovely Jochen!

Yes ~ we all do what we think is best at the time!
We can do no more than that!

Love Mary


Dearest Jochen, this is

Dearest Jochen,

this is really wonderful. It places us immediately into a state of acceptance and eliminates the weight of our judgments towards ourselves.

Would Abraham be the Abraham of Ester and Jerry Hicks ?

Many thanks dear Jochen

Oops, yes, I should have

Oops, yes, I should have mentioned that, Berit. Yes, Abraham-Hicks. It is from their first ever call-in radio show on Hay House Radio.