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You are a rose...

Did you know that you are a rose? Which color would you prefer to be? red, pink, yellow, white..or maybe purple? The color doesn't matter so much...You can even change your color from time to time. Not much to do being a rose...just hanging out at the end of a stem. So what really is a rose...who really are you? What does a rose signify to you? A rose is certainly admirable....people like to look at enjoy their vibrant, yet delicate nature. And roses don't cause too much trouble for people....They just look pretty and send out a very compelling fragrance. So what else about roses...what else about you?

The rose signifies...symbolizes the essence of you...which is Love. And in the garden of your heart...roses are planted by grow and bloom. And it doesn't matter if the roses in your heart are just tiny little rose seeds, baby shoots just germinating, tiny plants with baby buds...or mature, tall plants with flowers in full bloom.

The essence of you is still a rose...still love. Love that lives vibrantly and delicately in the garden of your heart.

If you are curious about the garden in your heart...curious about what is growing there...take some time out from your usual meanderings...kneel down...and feel the earth beneath your feet...and have a quiet talk with your Father...about who you really are...and what you are here to do. Pose the question...and have an open ear and heart for an answer. Just posing this question is an act of grace.

Thank you for reading this...Thank you for being the wondrous rose that you are...Thank you for your heart...Thank you for your love. Jimi.

A rose of Love is what you

A rose of Love is what you are
You radiate your Light afar
From the garden of your heart
Its divine fragrance to all impart

Thank you for your constant love
That flows with Blessings from above
Beloved JJ brother dear
Thank you for the love you share




Taking in the wonderful

Taking in the wonderful perfume of Love in this beautiful, colourful garden of Roses.......

>~Xenia~ :wub: