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There is nothing to be but love...

There is nothing to be but love and nothing to do but love. And of course, if you must, you can go to work, and take out the trash, and feed the cat and hug your husband. And all of this at the expense of love? Why no...of course not...Cause you can go to work in love, take out the trash in love, feed the cat in love and hug your husband in love. Hmm. And gosh...what if a problem comes up or a really yucky feeling comes up. Does the sun go away when a cloud passes in front of it? It may seem to...but it doesn't. the same way love never goes away...although to the mind it may appear to do so. Just understanding this can help a lot cause we tend to take things so, so personally...and clouds are not personal...they are not you. And all of your thoughts and emotions may feel quite personal...but they are just another form of cloud and...and...they are not you! You...dear beloved one...are Love...You...dear beloved one...are the observer of "your" thoughts and feelings. The observer is whom you are...and the it what you may: divine consciousness, Christ Consciousness, God, Love...whatever...You are they say in other circles. Loving and blessing you always, Jimi.

So true Jimi! The sun never

So true Jimi!

The sun never stops shining ..
... it's just that we can't always see it!

Lots of Love to you and everyONE


Dear Jim(i), you have such a

Dear Jim(i), you have such a simple and beautiful way to illuminate truth!

Loving you equally,

And this is not just an idea

And this is not just an idea of the mind in the mind? There is only the self that relates him to the concept of "truth", to enjoy the emotion that comes from this concept, because the self doesn't exist without emotions and concepts.

When the mind digress or asleep, the selfconsciousness disappears with its "body" of thoughts and emotions, and so any idea of "truth".
What appears and disappears, may not be the "truth".
The self only uses concepts of truth, witness, soul, God, as anything else, to have an emotional continuity, to justify himself, to confirm himself, in order to give continuity to himself through the thoughts and emotions that constitute it.

The truth is not a "thing", it's not a though, its' not an emotion, it's not a person, it's not a place, it's not a time, it's not an event. The truth it's not to the benefit of anyone, It is not for the agreeability, the benefit of a transitional self.

Good question Danilo, what

Good question Danilo,
what is "truth"?


What you believe, Xenia. In

What you believe, Xenia. In fact you react to whatever you believe to be true, so you are only your truth, in space and time of birth and death, because "you" exist only as illusion between two other illusions.


"You may have heard that you

"You may have heard that you are My unbounded Self. You may have repeated it. Until the realization arises from the well of your own heart, it is hearsay, and you can only give lip service to it. This is the meaning of Know the Truth, for the Truth shall set you free. Ticker-tape truth may be true, yet it is not your Truth. It did not issue from you. You heard it with your ears, or you read it with your eyes, and you repeated it with your lips. Second-hand truth is second-hand truth. You can have first-hand truth. You are meant to have first-hand Truth. "

Knowing God: Heavenletter # 2216

"You live in an imaginary

"You live in an imaginary world, beloveds. It is your mind that wanders."

Beyond: Heavenletter # 1824

"Truth is that which remains

"Truth is that which remains when notions vanish."

The Notion of Time and Space: Heavenletter # 1775

Aren't Heavenletters full of

Aren't Heavenletters full of Light?

Thanks for shedding some light unto the question!

Well done, Danilo!


"In every moment, there is a

"In every moment, there is a dying. It is death of the past. The past cannot stay. You might say it lives on in your memory. It lives on in your imagination, and that’s all relative life is, beloveds, something that you imagine.

You imagined something occurred. You imagined its appearance, and you imagined its significance, and you imagined its disappearance. You let your thoughts have an effect on you. Understandably, it all felt real to you. That is what the relative is. It is an illusion of reality that you accept at face value."

Creation, Beloveds, Creation: Heavenletter # 2305

Hi Danillo! I just wanted to

Hi Danillo!

I just wanted to thank you for these little snippets of gold that you keep posting here.
I have searched all of the numbers, and have enjoyed reading the full wonder of them all!
Thank you for sharing them with us.

It is also interesting to note, that I have been writing poems about the very same themes, unbeknown to me at the time, whilst you were posting them here!

Life is truly amazing!




Beloved Mary, blessings.

Beloved Mary,

"Beloveds, the Oneness you seek is not altogether found in the world, at least not as you would like it to be and to remain. The relative world is impermanent, and its configurations change and change and change again. Change has its immutable value. Bless the relative world, and yet know that the world goes only so far, beloveds, and you are destined for further."

This Beingness is Your Strength: Heavenletter # 2289

Yet another golden nugget

Yet another golden nugget Danillo ~ and so very true!




"Life on Earth is a dream

"Life on Earth is a dream you live in. It will all evanesce. Like a wave, your present Earth life and the lives of those you love will be gone, and there will be other waves. Waves furl and unfurl. Waves roar like lions, and then they are no more... All dreams come to an end. When they are fulfilled, they are over, yet the Ocean remains."

A Little While on Earth: Heavenletter # 2101

Dearest Jim(i), you have

Dearest Jim(i),

you have expressed a great truth here. It is not what we do, but how we do it, with which state of mind and attittude. It depends on what we focus upon, doesn't it ? It depends what we choose to see and feel.
God told me something during one of our recent chats that I really love, He said that we cannot really convey to others how special they are to us, if we do not really feel it in our heart. Not only just agreeing that every moment is special, that each "hello" or "see you later" is special, but really feeling it in our heart, and thus expressing this feeling with every word and deed and smile ecc. It will make us look deeper into the eyes of whom we encounter, we will express love and joy even without speaking, just looking at each other, with a smile. When we feel the uniqueness of a moment and we appreciate it fully, joy will automatically come to us and be expressed through us.

Thanks for the tender love and joy that you shower on all of us so sweetly !


Dearest Berit, I so much

Dearest Berit,

I so much resonate to what you are saying, as a matter of fact, I know it!

Thanks beautiful soul!