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Just love...

Yes...why not? Just love everyone and everything. Sometimes we think we are justified in not loving. Sometimes we prefer not to love cause we would rather be "right". Yes...I think I will be right and defend a particular point of view. (and of course you can have a point of view...without feeling attached or "right" about it) There's kind of a tidyness about being right...yet also a constriction...a contraction...Cause when I am right...that makes you wrong! Now loving everyone and everything is not as either absurd or as difficult as it may appear...Cause when we're loving...genuine loving, we are being love...and not focused on the object of this love. Now the object of this love may come into awareness...and that is beautiful...but for the most part...we are in our beingness of love. We are firmly planted in our heart...and thus so...just loving everyone and everything. Love just radiates outward...just like sunlight from the sun. So just be love...and out of this beingness, the verb loving is born naturally...not even a midwife is necessary! Stay in this love...stay in this beingness of love regardless of what your mind may conjure up to the contrary!

Loving you always...Jimi.

So many conflicts and

So many conflicts and discussions about who is right and wrong and who deserves or does not deserve..... love only wants to give, it never asks, it never judges, it never holds back, it never dictated conditions, love knows only to love and love more and more and more. Love does not know of any negative emotion but knows only of giving, as you dear Jim(i), God bless you dear !

Much Love