You Are a Divine Being

God said:

As My children perceive life on Earth, there is no cure. Have you not been continually looking for a cure to human life? Have you not looked for this workshop or that workshop, this book or that book, this potion, that potion, this elixir of life, that one, this person, that person? You want a solution. You want growth, yet the cure you seem to be seeking may be oblivion.

There is no potion for relative life, beloveds. So long as you hold on to life in the world for dear life, you are subject to it. So long as you sieve out loss and gain, you struggle away from life.

There is a condition called the Human Condition. Immersed in this condition, there is the seeking of a greater life, greater fulfillment, and, so it seems, also the seeking of avoidance. You find the street of life you walk on laden with thumbtacks and land mines, and so you may run away from it in one manner or another.

You will do anything to get out from under life's thumb. You will eat, drink, and be merry in an attempt to get away from life. Beloveds, what you really want to get away from is your present perception of life. Your present perception seems to demand suffering to run away from.

Suffering is only one aspect of the world life you see. You fear suffering tremendously. Despite what you have thought, seen and felt, you do not have to suffer suffering. You can even suffer, beloveds, without suffering. Do you possibly follow Me on the road I want to take you?

When you lose your favorite toy, you don't have to suffer. When you lose your moneyed fortune, you don't have to suffer.

Even the perceived loss (loss can only be perceived) of a loved one, does not have to make you suffer. Perceived loss and suffering do not have to go hand in hand. You can feel loss and not suffer, for loss is not true. The treasures of the relative world are treasures of the relative world. By definition, the relative world is temporary.

Do not carry occasions for suffering like badges. Drop the badges. There is no merit in suffering. Suffering is not noble. It is ignoble.

Now it is time to change the whole fulcrum of your thinking.

There is no need to reach for another nostrum or activity to drown your sorrows. Have no sorrows, have no regrets, have none of those self-imposed punishments. You seem to punish yourself for being a human being in a body. You mourn that you are a human being, and you seem to forget that you are irrevocably a Divine Being.

Let Divine Being be the fountain of youth that you drink. Apply your Divinity generously every morning and evening. Repeat several times a day.

You have asked yourself so often: "What is the matter with me?" Now, ask yourself: "What is right with me?" Ask and answer. Drink that concoction, and leave the drugs alone.

There is nothing wrong with you except that you see being a human being as a detriment to a happy life.

Step out of the motions you make in life. Do not hold on to the past. Suffering is of the past, or perhaps of the future. It is too much attention on that which deserves no attention. There is no payback in thinking of that which makes you tired.

Spend your life on other things. Accept that you are a Divine Being. Even as you fuss with the relative aspects of your very human life, accept that you are a Divine Being.

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We can choose right now to

We can choose right now to see beyond the smoke screen of illusion and remember the Truth that is truth about us always: we are as God created us to be, we are the word made flesh.

You have asked yourself so often: "What is the matter with me?" Now, ask yourself: "What is right with me?" Ask and answer. Drink that concoction, and leave the drugs alone.

Much love to all Heavenangels

Are these Buddha's words? Or

Are these Buddha's words? Or Krishna? Christ? The end of suffering is a change of perspective. One may choose to invite that change into one's life.

One Love

God, You certainly don't

God, You certainly don't need my approval, so I might as well remain silent. But I remember You once said that even contributing on an internet forum is answering the call of life (something like that anyway), and answering is really something I like to do. So I will say that this Heavenletter sounds to me like the consummation (not quite sure of this word but somehow liking it) of everything You have said so far. I haven't read everything yet, but You know what I mean.

Heavenletters are the deepest message I have ever heard, and I sense more and more clearly that You seriously want to finally melt away every last resistance in us. You said we are getting close, and today I feel it as I never have. Could You really be the God of freedom at last? Could You really be the God of LIFE? Are You finally the God who says that no one has to qualify for anything whatsoever? Are You finally stepping out of our god projections where we have tried to imprison You?

No more curing life, no more mending life, no more trying to make it work, just change of perception. If that is the road You want me to follow You on, I happily will. I may not be as swift-footed as I'd like to be, still partially addicted to the old pleasing, good-boy, doing-things-right paradigm. The promise of its ending thrills me no end.

"accept that you are a Divine Being."

This sounds like a process we can simply do, but it ain't!
You just can't do "BEING" because it has to grow in your growing center.
Is there an answer?
Sure, just keep saying what this darling writer suggests: accept that you are a Divine Being.:Even as you fuss with the relative aspects of your very human life, accept that you are a Divine Being."
The key here is not believing; it's KNOWING who you are in God. To try to believe always brings questions.
To say the PAUPER is the PRINCE after all and I'm the PRINCE over and over while looking in the mirror. This will bring the mystical knowing to the center from which "you live and move and have you being." Try it, you'll like it.
This process is never of DOING, it is only of BEING. "To BE or not to BE, ah, that's question..." Drop the BADGE! DON'T let it land in your eye.

George playing Jack in the being stalk

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
You are Being Divine now
In your human life

Love, Light and Aloha!

"You are Being Divine now"


This is like a whole Heaven Letter!
So beautiful and meaningful!

George smelling the flowers