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I slipped out of myself
And into my Self
Who was waiting
With arms open wide

Tears of great joy
Did flow down my face
As I realised
That SHe was inside

There’s no where to go
And nothing to learn
All that you seek
Is now known

By going within
And leaving without
The truth of your Being
Is shown

The One you call God
Is your own Higher Self
And is part of
The One Over Soul

You’re all Divine Beings
Seeking your Selves
And Love Is
The Source and The Goal

The core of your Being
Is total Pure Love
Love Is All That There Is
This is true

So be now aware
As you find your true Self
It’s your consciousness
That’s the real you




i always love your creative

i always love your creative flow, your simplicity of words that show, who we are, profoundly, in the most basic yet intrinsic of terms...this i admire greatly...mike:)

Dearest Mary, I feel exactly

Dearest Mary, I feel exactly like Mike when I read and take in your writings!

We are blessed with such much talent and inspiration around here!


Dearest Mary, this is really

Dearest Mary,

this is really so beautiful and so true and so important. thanks for being the tender blessing you are !!

Much love and joy to you dear

Aw ~ thank you! Much Love

Aw ~ thank you!
Much Love and many Blessings to each and everyONE of you beautiful Souls.
It is a joy to belong to such a heavenly family,
and a delight to share my Divine Inspirations with you!

I love you all!