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Dear God...What Is It I Need Know?

michael...know you need know nothing...there's no test to be graded Me, a b c d e f and g are all equal in value...know that you are valued...beyond degree...this is my decree...for you all...yet it's not some written down in time, dotted line to sign...My will is Mine...and it's this...give up worrying...stress....fear....and breathe with that which Is...for only love exists...and you my dear and dears Are It...relax into this...into You...into Me...the same thing...Be...You're matter how much you get bogged down in matters...You're Free...beyond what you can look deeply into My Eyes...with My Eyes...don't really try...for that denotes tensing up...rather, think of it as a wonderfully tasting food to eat...dig's no more difficult than this or than touching or being touched or walking could be...perhaps the attention it requires...the decision is all the effort required...yet this is where the free choice comes in...and the time it takes you to say, hey...i want to feel loved...i want to Be like the birds that fly in the sky and oh how i know how you marvel at their flight...there's no disconnect between their wings and yours...they're Mine...You're Mine...You often feel as lonely...are you lonely now?...knowing that I'm Here...that I love you...That I created you as's not that i created You as such...I am and You Are...that's enough details when it comes to Our Love....God

Mike, first you learned to

Mike, first you learned to drink in the divine tea. Now you learn that it is okay to go beyond this, and to swim in the tea. Because the rules were made by us in the divine, and we break them if and when it is in our divine benefit. So the tea becomes our blood. You do backflips in the tea. The divine sings His (their) mantra over us, to become one with us. The yearning for the more completed unification comes from both sides.
Soon we see there is nothing but the tea, and nothing else to swim or to live in. The current washes us away. The river makes its journey in us. It wants to become even more one with us.

And God said "Let there be the light of Mike, to shine among all the nations."

I am markw, and I approved this message. markw

Thanks, always I

Thanks, always I thoroughly enjoy what u write or what writes's, you're, a delight...and funny 2...u crack me up and i appreciate the kindness of heart expressed divinely...i go back and forth between ACIM's teachings and others similarly so that speak of basically this world being insane in all it's fear and darkness and to being singlepointed about only light being real...which i feel to be true and then there's the thought that this whole experience adds to the whole instead of being something to get over or through...which is true too...hmmm...i'm in a mood...been in one as of late...'cause i've been home with bronchitis and flu and too much idle time for mike isn't always great 'cause i feel bad about not being at work but then really don't want to go back, though it's ok...but then i go back and it's fine but it's like in the matrix...(sorry, i'm rambling) take the blue or red pill?, figuratively walk the talk of change and chances or just wade in the water...which applies to differing variations of my life...anyway, maybe not so much focus on mike will do the trick or maybe more positively so...who knows...the shadow knows...i think that was an old radio show...peace bro...and all...mike:)

Mike, this sure feels like

Mike, this sure feels like authentic Godwriting to me. Please tell us how you were feeling as this wrote? And after?

I'm glad you approved the message. Who wouldn't?!

Isn't God wonderful?

Welcome, Mike

yeah, this felt and feels

yeah, this felt and feels very much so a part of the flow of inspiration coming do often the creative expressions...but they are so often a working through too from my more limited mind...thanks for your reply and time and energy and love...mike

Flow, inspiration, yes! They

Flow, inspiration, yes! They don't exist only in Godwriting. We've all experienced that divine flow. We kinda forget ourselves for a little while. As you will see where you asked another question, we lean away from our limited mind.

St. Catherine of Siena, a mystic, maybe 16th century, told how we can tell it's Godwriting.
Go to If you do a search for her, Mike, what she said will pop up.

We are like a rainbow in the

We are like a rainbow in the sky,
We are like of love a curved ray,
The circling love is ever complete,
Nothing to our light is opposite,
Only a mind has started a story,
for the Oneness coloured glory.

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