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Unclothe, Figuratively So


Your clothing for the days
Is to be worn lovingly
So take care to take care
Brush those teeth
Style that hair
Enjoy yourself in life just as you are
Yet just like you do at night
Before getting the rest
Those cumbersome, tight-fitting thoughts
At whatever time you like
Unclothe, figuratively so
Come from the heart
Take time
To attune your mind
To who You are
Underneath and beyond it all
For the Truth is this
This life and who you are in it
Is but a trip you're on
"And oh what a trip", I can hear you say
For it can feel like the vaca
And then a real pain
It's basically a play
Where you play
For some days
With what it's like not to like or be liked
To not be loved or love
To seek
To preach
To beseech
To play all the parts
Until comes the time
To hold not so tightly to time
To start to remember
Being the eternal member, as it were
Of spirituality's vitality
That You Are right Now
The practical application being
It's freeing being Love
Lightening said dark
With My Wholeness of Heart
And nothing less
So be comfy in your clothes
Then undress
It'll be liberating
Take off the proverbial shoes
Wiggle those toes
I'll be right there with Ya
Though, perhaps, pinching My Nose :)

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008