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The Calm Within The Storm


Inviolate simplicity
Being what it Is
You're reality
As Peace beyond dismay
Isn't to say
That there's something wrong
If the strong wind blows
That change
Isn't worthy of the day
For there's nothing here to separate
This You well Know

Times of challenging complexity
Like a torrent
Overtaking the once gentle stream
As if a storm
Rustling up those neatly raked leaves
Circumstances called into being
Are personal notes that remind
Peace in life doesn't denote
Being void of, avoiding, some rush of a flow

Sometimes the flows
Come and go
Stronger and stronger
Staying longer and longer
To transform, to awaken those
Well-defined, boxed-in strolls
Into playful gallops amidst the open meadows and knolls
To disorganize
What would otherwise be compartmentalized
To shake things up a bit
So to get up, when the choice would be to otherwise sit

Actually, though, even "not doing"
Is such a miraculous thing
Wherein unwittingly
"Just" sitting in one place
A whirlwind of activity currently takes place
Allowing physicality's expression take form, in whatever form it takes
From the Within of the withins
Of Creation's Flow
Cellularly so

And so
Whether coming at you
Or going from you
Fast or slow
It's only a seemingly so
For the Breath of life never goes
Like those leaves that seem to part
To be blown apart
Yet still abide within the earth's loving sphere
You remain
Your Place
Is ever Here
In My Heart
Nearer than near

So feel relaxed
Hold nothing back
Put down those defenses
Unknow attack
You're all masters at wearing those hats
At doing balancing acts
Yet be not afraid
If it's not your ride, to step off that train
Or if it is, to get on
For wherever You go, it's still My terrain
Let the heart guide, minimally assisted by the brain

Mix things up a bit if you wish
Let it be mixed up
Go out on those limbs
Take a chance on a whim
It's more than ok
You are perfectly safe
Right on track, in fact
Again and again unto a no-end
Safety itself
Within Love's Embrace

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Divinely inspired,

Divinely inspired, Michael!

With love and gratitude,

TY Xenia...though it's

TY Xenia...though it's something, a ?, i posed to Gloria today...sometimes, usually the shorter one's, they flow without nary a thought...then there's other ones that though the premise is similar i find myself taking much time on is it really a Godwrite or something coming from mike?...maybe, like anything in physical form done with good intentions and backed by love...perhaps it's close if not one in the same...sorry...i'm working some stuff through...thinking i need not think so much and turn off that brain so to allow a much greater flow...i think it's called trust...and faith...and a letting go of any rate....thanks Xenia and to All...night...mike:)