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From The Heart


The pleasures of Love
Life's enJoyment
Light's fulfillment
All My delights
Are Your birthrights
As Daughters and Sons

Though hints of such do come
To the mind from time to time
The flavorful essence of this
Flows from the Heart
Already arrived
Always on Time
As Truth's union, Beauty's infusion, Divinity's sublime

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Mike, sweet poet, you are

Mike, sweet poet, you are our delight !! I love this, thank you for your gentleness and love, for all your wonderful expressions and reminders of who we really are.

I love the reminder that delight is our birthright !

Much love and a big hug

namaste, Berit and to

:) namaste, Berit and to All...mike:)