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Offering Innocence


Assured of, secure in
My Love
Innocence is Your offering
Unto everyone and everything
In the world
This naturalness
This relaxed action void of being tense
That lives not in the past tense
Nor in future pretense
Not only is freeing
But frees up
Your Brothers and Sisters
My Kids
Unto Knowing
Themselves as Love
It's the quintessential
Laying down of arms
Of harm
So to pick up
Being gentle
And illuminous
Like unto the power of the dawn

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Love Berit

:wub: :blushing: :wub: :blushing: :wub: :Rolleyes:

the feelings are coming, the

the feelings are coming, the words are bubbling, that those smiles are your life, what you give, how u live, and are how God feels about You, as do we, sweetest Berit, all the Time...mike:)