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Set Afire, All The While


Intimacy's desires
Sensations set afire
Are not there by accident
They're not transgressions to rescind, from which one need repent
Nor, for fear of loss
Addicted to gain
Are they something to be sought after, again and again

Like all life experiences fostering love and laughter
They're to be felt
As the teachers and revealers that they are

They are the depth of the sea
Reduced to spume, if only consumed with attempts to re-create and resume
As birds in flight
Like fireflies in the night
They are the magic and mystery of that moment's delight

To honor
And appreciate
As gifts to unwrap
To be with, then let be
Instead of attached to constantly calling them back

Feeling, truthfully, never can leave
And, yet, there are as many expressions of feeling, of being
As there are leaves on the trees
So really
It's all about Being

And not so much a focusing
On lack and needs
Which cannot be

In time
As you choose to abide and reside
In the now moment of time
Everything will be that flowing
Of desire revealed
That knowing
That it's You
With everyOne
In Me
Found, as intimacy's profound desire
Set afire, all the while

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

MICHAEL.....This is so

MICHAEL.....This is so beautiful and meaningful. I used to be in such a quandary about wanting and desiring and feeling so stuck with the feeling that I desired too much and was selfish...and then periods of denying my desires...equally stuck in that...just felt like such a mess. (some came out of Buddhist nonattachment pointers...missapplied)

Your words are so beautiful...and if I could expand...for me now...when some desire is like a golden gift has landed in my heart...How nice of you to come. Or like a kind friend knocking at my door...coming by for a visit. How can I deny these desires now? They are indeed beautiful in and of themselves.

So...for everyone...enjoy your desires...fully embrace one with them...whether it is a porsche, peanut butter, a mate or one with whatever pops into your heart. How can one have an issue with desire or be attached to desire if one is one with desire? Think of desires as long lost friends coming around for a visit...Loving you, jimi.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Jimi...your simplicity of

Jimi...your simplicity of being is quite wise and profound indeed...i love your examples which are of def assistance for me...this is a topic that could def be expounded, expanded upon but then again your words pretty much put it/us under the non-categorized...'nuff said...humbly yours...michael:)

Oh Mike, this is indeed

Oh Mike,

this is indeed very, very beautiful. It reminds me to enjoy the moment without wanting to hold it eternally. it is the floating and changing of live, where each moment is unique as we are all unique. It reminds me of accepting all my beingness, of my humaness, the big and the small things, and every feeling and emotion that is me. It is ok with us, everything is ok with us, God did us make the way we are and I think we should embrace and accecpt and love us and everyone totally for what we are and share and express.

This is so beautiful dear Mike, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU TOO Jim(i) !!!

Much love and blessings

yeah, for me, it's an

yeah, for me, it's an amazing balancing act between being passionate and becoming addicted to some live in the moment is prob the best way to honor ourselves and God...same-same...otherwise, we're the flow pretending to be a cube of ice...which is cool for that time...for time's use is to give us time to "come back" to our sublime...anyway...this whole subject is something imp for me most def and for many more i'm sure that's worthy of being touched always Berit...a million TY's...for being U...mike:)