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Why does it have to be?

Why does it have to be?

Why God can i see Your Joy,
Your Love, Why does it have to be
this way, when some people
close their eyes they do not want
to see how beautiful, and lovely you are.

How sad it is when they are prepared
to go there own way,
Have there own say...
End a life that has only just begun..
Why does it have to be?

I wish they could see you like me
Why my heart it hurts but yours hurt more
for me so i am glad you are there
for me... Oh God why can't they see
why does it have to be?

You are great in Majesty
Why do men choose not to see?
Why do they go to war to settle an old score.
When all they have to do is STOP...
the Crazyness of it all, Why if they choose
you so much more would there be. So much more
in store... Oh why Can't there be Peace, Love
not war... Luv Daisy

Thank you for your lovely

Thank you for your lovely poem Daisy!

They will all eventually 'see' in their own good time!
Just be love, and be peace yourself,
and your energy will ripple out touching everyone and everything in the world.
As you think, so you radiate!

Love Mary


Hi Mary thank you for your

Hi Mary thank you for your wonderful comments. I was in reflection for Heath Ledger, and also one of my daughters friends who recently died in similar circumstance, only he was at a party, went to the hospital and didn't wake up. Yes is so important how we behave to ourselves, and other people. Well good always wins out in the end.
Peace and Blessings always Luv Karen

heartfelt stuff,

heartfelt stuff, Daisy...yeah it can be sooo sad when all mankind need be is at peace...but then to take it to another level or to dig even a bit more deep...we all react, are sad at times, frustrated, angered, we blame and feel, as it's true, love not war-globally...invidually we all could stand to see and feel when and where it is we carry negativity and our personal wars...then, in this way the outer will change as we wish it to heart and mind at a time...thanks for your love and sharings...sweet Daisy/Karen...mike:)

I think i was moved by the

I think i was moved by the tragedy of Heath Ledger when i wrote the last one. It made me think about somethings being so unneccessary. We can make the world a positive place to be, yes indeed working for me... Luv Karen

You said it so well

You said it so well Michael.
All I can add is: ditto!

Dearest Karen,
I understand your reaction to unfortunate events. Remember also, there is a much, much bigger picture of which we are not aware of at the moment. Just know, that All Is Well.

Loving you and hugging you dearly,

Hi Xenia and Mike, Thank you

Hi Xenia and Mike, Thank you for your lovely messages and all is well and right with the world.. Sometimes it takes some reflection of
it... To be grateful that we have a life and can live.... and be free at Peace...Blessings one and each. Luv Karen

You're so sweet,

You're so sweet, Karen...such a caring soul...i would say too that Love is equally about helping when and where we can...those like Dr. King and Ghandi and Mother Teresa and more...they saw a "need" and offered the totality of their it's all about the Balance Between, which you and we all inherently Are and Know to Be...i often would refute the american saying so prevelant these days that says "freedom isn't free" on the basis that it's such a contradiction of terms on the overall level, in the greatest sense...but looking upon it another way, Dr. King said...when one is enslaved, we are all enslaved...and yet we're all forever free...this life is a bit paradoxical...peace within our movement and breathing is as to not add to any fear but to adhere to everyone's already Serene...anyway...just sharing here about our inherent wisdom within...nice night..sweet u and all...mike:)