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The Balance Between


Worldly learning has its place
Feeling worldly will have its say
Like wishes to become
That stimulate
As seeds sown
That find their way
You're the dawn
Awakening unto it's own sunlit rays
So in the midst of all the 9 to 5 campaigns
Or whenever you find to be your time of day
Or night
Allow some space
In the heart and mind
For My
Peace of Mind
For You
As a "Piece" of Mine
For Our
Already Achieved
This is the balance
What Is and what shall be
What's to come and the Presence
What Always "Was"

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Allowing space for God

Allowing space for God changes ones whole world ~ and that's for sure!

Beautiful Mike ~ thank you!



Could this beautiful piece,

Could this beautiful piece, also be called "Ode to NOW"?

Wonderful inspiration, Michael!

It really all about balance

It really all about balance isn't it, about balance in every dimension, level, balance conerning our being eternal spiritual and human. It is really about peace I feel, deep inner peace.

Wonderful poem this here !!

I love "Ode to NOW", it is so beautiful !

Love to all !

Yes indeed Ode to

Yes indeed Ode to Now...which is What, Who You DearHearts Are...Living the expression of Truth... :blushing: :big 8) :) :p :thumbup: