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Coming to light
It's a "new" time
Issuing in
As You begin
To, once again
Live My Light
For there once was a Place and Time
Not so distant, not so defined
When and Where
My Children, knew Who they Were
Love wasn't "not yet"
Something to get
Someone to lure nor overly demure
Worthy, surely, of All
It was Known as the One, for Sure
Not as a hand dealt, to deal
But as My Hand
It "was" Health
Not comparing, it wasn't compared
For into their Within My Children did delve
And Naturally lived
Then, slowly
Bit by bit
Forgetting took place
When it seemed to get to the point
That people were limited things not Spiritual Beings
Those who were Joined believed in disjoint
Instead of bringing My Love
My Ones began to point
As it still is today
To this, to that
To him, to her
As a reference for blaming
Held as fact
Instead of Sharing
A victimization
One's place in Realization
Yet the beautiful Truth is This
That, it's all an act
For Enlightenment cannot be replaced
It Is, My Way
And since it's My Children I did Create
Because You are Mine
In a nonownership kind of Way
No more confined that the sun's let go rays
It's every One's Place
Right by My Side
We Are Alike
You Have My Life
So Now
As My Kids
Are opening up, letting go
Welcoming their renewed
The "old" is once again "becoming" the "new"
This is all meaning to say
Wishes to portray
To relay
You're Meaning is Safe
Not only warmed by the light in My day
But The Light
The Warmth
Of My Sun
My Daughters and Sons
Joy is Yours
More and more
As it was "before"
As it's about this Truth in You
Coming into play
Coming In
Then "going out"
To play
To celebrate
The Me in You
The One in All
The All in One
No longer delayed

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

A time for celebration

A time for celebration indeed Mike...

The Me in You, the One in All
As The All in One we all recall


luv ya!



Thanks Mary for Your Love

Thanks Mary for Your Love Presence...mike:)

After a very long time of

After a very long time of not remembering, now we the time for awakening has really and finally come. Our hearts feel and know who we really are and that we are all ONE LOVE.
You describe life and creation in a most wonderful way.

Sweet Poet, God bless you !