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Why Do We Do What It Is We Do...?

Why do we do what it is we do
Is it to help out
Is being served more what it's about
Is there always to be this middle ground
Between the two
Or is there a greater truth, more consistent and sound
Is it out of love or fear
Is it sincere
Or wishing to be revered
Do we scoot by
Is life
To make do
Is it to get through
To thrive or survive
Which is our truth
Which is a lie
Do we want something
Need something
Give something
Receive something
Is it because we "have" to
Or because we want to
As days go by
Connected by nights
Is it effort
Or ease that we bring
Do we dance or trudge
Do we sing
Do we budge
Do we take
Or partake
Do we offer
Or forsake
Is it reward we seek
Are we truly meek
Are we afraid
And if so, is it ok
Or is there judgment
Lurking, waiting in the wings
Is it a personal or a societal thing
That gives credence
Is freedom, an inner or outer bell that we ring
Do we ding it
Or is it already rung
Are we strong, secure
Or is this for show because we feel so weak
Which is stronger, strength or faith
Just sitting here
Are we really Here
And if not, then where
Is it we think We Are
Or are not
Do we believe we can
Or cannot
Where is it or when
We wish we could be
And if arrived
Have we truly arrived
Are we any more
If all we think of is more and more of the next awaiting shore
And what's so wrong with moving on
If peace with us is what we bring all along
Perhaps I'm taking time better spent another way
Maybe this is all a waste of a good page
Which brings me back to the beginning again
Why do we do what it is we do....?

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

We do what we do because we

We do what we do because we care
We do what we do because we
we do the things we do because
God is there
We are right where we should be
doing these things
Because of Love
we do what we do because they make
a difference, A Hug, a chat, a poem,
a Smile, a letter, an email...
Because we care
and because these things are special and makes a difference
in peoples lives, for when people are sad, lonely, frightened and afraid we do what we do because of Love
for one another... These things make a difference i can tell
for I am Here now to say I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU....
Are you there to. Luv Karen